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"We selected an Ishida because of the way it was built and it has not let us down. It's rugged, dependable, easy to clean, and handles all our products accurately and efficiently, from trail mixes to dried fruits."
—Mark Wroblewski
Operations Manager, Mister Snacks
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Innovator Magazine

The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2010  Issue 32

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Strip-Pack to go!

IshidaPortable Strip-Pack ApplicatorIshida's tabletop-size Portable Strip-Pack Applicator lets you make ready-to-hang strips of bagged snacks, candy, and non-food products at different locations in your plant, distribution center, or retail outlets.

Although compact in size, the Portable Strip-Pack Applicator is big on versatility:
  • Attaches bags from 2" to 13" wide.
  • Accepts individual bag weights to 100 grams (maximum total strip weight 600 grams).
  • Manually controls the number and variety of bags per strip.

Strip-Pack bags Its small footprint and light weight let you move the unit from one location to another for easy changeovers and varying production requirements.

Hand feed bags to mix different products and bag sizes on one strip, or produce strips-of-strips for expanded product marketability.

Ishida offers a variety of strip materials to meet different customer requirements. Bag film surfaces are not damaged when a bag is removed.

Ishida also offers a fully-automatic high-speed Flexible Strip-Pack Applicator. Contact us today for further information and a demonstration of Ishida Strip-Pack Applicators.  More Info

CEIA metal detectors pass the Five Star test!

Five Star Gourmet Foods maintains top food safety with CEIA metal detectors
Trays going through CEIA metal detector

Five Star Gourmet Foods logoOne of the West Coast's premier frozen food manufacturing companies, Five Star Gourmet Foods, produces and co-packs so many different food products it could fill a restaurant menu:

Frozen entrees, pizza products, custom sauces and marinades, handheld snack foods, savory stuffed pockets, and frozen sandwiches are just a few of its products produced and private labeled for many retailers nationwide.

All this variety seemed to make reliable metal detection impossible. "We tested several top brands of metal detectors and all failed to deliver the consistent level of security we demand," complained Q.A. Manager Marissa Myat. "We inspect fresh and frozen products. The temperature differences and the multitude of product conditions overwhelmed every metal detector we tested."

Finally, Five Star Gourmet decided to try the new CEIA THS 21 detector. "Our line operators decided to give it the torture test," recalls Myat. "We mixed different types of fresh and frozen product in the same run to quickly expose any shortcomings. To our surprise, the CEIA detector passed every test! Its performance really exceeded our expectations."

Five Star Gourmet now runs all its products through two CEIA detectors and is ordering a third. "Speeds range from 150 to 450 items per minute per line, and each metal detector runs a minimum of 14-hours-a-day, 5-days-a-week," explains Tal Shoshan, C.E.O. "With a very high volume of products, downtime is not an option and food safety is non-negotiable."

The state of the art USDA-inspected facility in Ontario, CA manufactures and co-packs food products that are distributed to restaurant chains, clubs, retail chains, airlines, schools, and foodservice distributors. Started in 1999, Five Star Gourmet Foods employs 146 full and part-time employees and also offers product development and custom formulation. "We care about our clients and we care about the products we produce," explains Shoshan.

"Our business has been built on quality and food safety, and that's why the CEIA detectors are an integral part of our company. Heat and Control's installation, start-up, operator training, and post-sale support have also been very good."

"With the CEIA metal detectors, our security and comfort levels are extremely high. Their data reporting features are very important to us and the detectors are simple to operate and have been completely trouble-free," says Shoshan. "CEIA has been a fantastic system for our company and our customers."  More Info

Transfer seasonings powders and granules safely and efficiently

Fine powders, flakes and granules
Fine powders, flakes and granules: POD moves them all without expensive high-maintenance augers or vacuums.
Powder On Demand (POD) is a small, efficient system for transferring seasonings, powders, and granular products to seasoning applicators, mixers, storage bins, and elevated equipment.

POD eliminates the need for ladders, heavy lifting, and the potential for physical injury. About waist-high, POD is easy to fill. There are no moving parts or expensive, high-maintenance augers, dust socks, or vacuum pumps.

POD powder flow diagram
POD can be located almost anywhere and comes with a compact docking station containing all pneumatic supply and control components.
POD uses energy-efficient dense phase conveying to transfer products. It requires only 5 psi of compressed air at 4.5 cubic feet/minute. Dense phase conveying can lift product up to 30 feet, but does not stratify or separate its ingredients the way vacuums and other pneumatic systems can. Powders are transferred without spills, cross contamination, or dust pollution in your work area. Plus POD runs unattended to reduce labor costs and production downtime.

POD has only four parts to clean and needs no tools for disassembly. All pneumatic and control components are contained within a compact docking station. You can easily roll the POD canister to different docking stations or away from the product area for cleaning. Contact us for a demonstration and learn how POD can become your best friend for the safe and tidy transfer of powders and granules.  More Info

Inspection innovations

Multi-range checkweigher
Ishida DACS-G Checkweigher
DACS model comparison chart
Imagine the flexibility your packaging line will have when you use the same checkweigher for both light and heavy packages.

Ishida's new DACS-G checkweigher provides two weight ranges for verifying the package weight or content count of a wide variety of products. Repeatable accuracy as great as 0.1 gram at 3 sigma, and speeds up to 440 packages/minute, provide unbeatable inspection efficiency.

Ishida's latest digital high-output load cell stabilizes weights quickly for high speed operation. A proprietary 3D digital filter eliminates noise interference based on product size, weight, and speed to maintain consistent accuracy. Real-time weighing data can even be saved and managed using your personal computer so you can conveniently monitor productivity.

The checkweigher's stainless steel body is durable, easy to clean, and compliant with HACCP and GMP standards. Waterproof and corrosion-resistant models with IP69K rating are available for use in the demanding environments of meat, dairy, seafood, and other processing plants.  More Info

Most sensitive, versatile metal detector
Fruit and Cheese Trays on CEIA THS 21 metal detectorCEIA THS 21 metal detectors can't be fooled by fresh, frozen, wet, or salty products. Patent-pending CEIA technology automatically minimizes product effect conditions to deliver the industry's highest sensitivity to all metals and to eliminate false rejects. THS 21 detectors continuously test and recalibrate themselves to maintain peak accuracy. CEIA's proprietary Global Auto-Learn system with a 500 product memory saves optimal detection settings for each product speed set-ups and eliminate operator error. Easy to operate, the THS 21 detector is available with Bluetooth connectivity to record all detection and reject activity. Built for IP69K washdown, the metal detector is completely reliable for wet or dry, solid or liquid applications.

Test CEIA metal detectors, Ishida checkweighers and X-ray inspection systems, and other packaging equipment at our demonstration centers. We can provide the right individual machine or combination system for your products and plant layout.
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Tray Sealers-R-Us
Vegetables in Ishida's Tray SealerIshida QX tray sealers are the latest addition to our packaging family. Automatically seal almost any size and shape tray at up to 200 per minute, or choose economical manually-fed models. Combine the QX with a weigher, tray denester, filler, checkweigher, metal detector, X-ray inspection, and other equipment for the ultimate multi-tasking packaging line.
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60 Years & Growing!
Heat and Control celebrates its 60th year in business. Started in a loft over a truck garage, our company now has manufacturing and sales facilities in 30 countries and provides one of the industry's largest variety of machinery and services for food processing, product handling, inspection, and packaging.
Long life breader belts
asfdConveyor belt life is often short for hard-working breading applicators. But users of our SureCoat Breaders now report belt life 8X longer than other brands, even during daily operation of 16 consecutive hours! Automatic belt tensioning provides the savings with SureCoat breaders.
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