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"Our business has been built on quality and food safety, and that's why the CEIA detectors are an integral part of our company. Heat and Control's installation, start-up, operator training, and post-sale support have also been very good" ..."With the CEIA metal detectors, our security and comfort levels are extremely high. Their reporting features are very important to us and the detectors are simple to operate and have been completely trouble-free."
—Tal Shoshan
C.E.O, Five Star Gourmet Foods Inc.
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Innovator Magazine

The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 2, 2009  Issue 31

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Versatile, quick-change tray sealing

IshidaTray packaging systems from Heat and Control now include tray sealers from Ishida that produce high-quality seals and reduce film waste.

Compatible with paperboard, plastic, and aluminum tray materials, Ishida tray sealers are versatile, compact, easy to operate, and feature unique tooling release systems for the quickest possible product changeovers. Easy access to all machine areas facilitates sanitation procedures, and all models are configured for gas flushing, vacuum-gassing, or seal-only operation.

2009-2-Sealed Trays Ishida's QX-775 tray sealer creates air-tight seals at speeds up to 100 trays per minute. Featuring a single lane infeed, color touch screen controls with 99 product presets, and a quick “no-tools” system for changeover of tooling, this tray sealer allows maximum production flexibility. Greater positioning accuracy insures the highest quality seals, while the system's smooth operation and tray transfer reduces product loss and damage.  More Info

Ishida 1100 Tray SealerFor speeds up to 200 trays per minute, the twin-lane QX-1100 tray sealer achieves faster cycle speeds with advanced servo motor controls and a unique gripper arm design. The system's innovative Intelligent Tool function automatically recognizes the correct tooling for each selected preset for the fastest possible changeovers. A user-friendly Windows XP platform for line controls provides easy operator interface for instant set-up and accessing on-line diagnostics.  More Info

One call to Heat and Control can deliver your complete new tray packaging line! An Ishida tray sealer, integrated with an Ishida multihead weigher, Ishida checkweigher, CEIA metal detector, and Ishida X-ray system, will provide unbeatable product quality in an efficient space-saving system with single source service and parts responsibility.

Accurately weigh sticky products

Ishida SH Sticky Product weigher with raw meat
Easy to remove and clean, screw feeders reliably move raw meat and other sticky products.
Quickly and accurately weigh moist and sticky products like fresh meat, poultry and seafood using Ishida's new SH-Series multihead weigher.

Rotary screw feeders in the radial feeder pans precisely control product feed to the pool and weigh hoppers, essential to weighing accuracy. The rotation rate of the screw feeders is easily adjusted to handle the specific characteristics of such difficult to handle products, which can also include dried fruit and cooked pasta.

Plastic pool and weigh hoppers, together with embossed stainless steel surfaces on other product contact parts, prevent product sticking to maximize weighing speed and accuracy. All product contact parts are easily removable without tools to facilitate fast and thorough washdown procedures.  More Info

Get our coating & cooking advantage for all your prepared foods!

Heat and Control prepared foods equipment has design features that deliver unmatched product uniformity. Our fryers, ovens, and coating applicators are also simple to clean and deliver years of reliable operation.

Uniform cooking across the belt
Have you measured the temperature uniformity of different ovens? We did and then designed our AirForce impingement and Spiral ovens to deliver the industry's most even temperature across the product conveyor width. Uniform cooking assures each piece of product reaches the same safe core temperature in the same amount of time, and has consistent qualities, such as texture and color. It saves fuel and delivers high product yields because it reduces cook times and eliminates the need to overcook.

Inside an AirForce Impingement Oven Inside the AirForce
Impingement Oven

Internal fans and plenums produce uniform air flow across the width of the product conveyor.

VideoSee video
How AirForce delivers uniform impingement cooking
  • Plenums with internal fans in hood and base.
  • Fans create uniform pressure inside plenums.
  • Uniform pressure forces air evenly out of all nozzles above and below
    the product conveyor.
Benefits: Uniform air flow in AirForce eliminates areas of uneven
temperature common in ovens using fans located outside the plenums.More Info
Inside a Spiral Oven Inside the
Spiral Oven

Centered fan and heating elements deliver uniform 360º air flow to all conveyor tiers.

VideoSee video
How Spiral Oven delivers uniform cooking
  • Fan and heating elements are centered over a dispersion cone above the spiral conveyor.
  • Air flows in an even 360-degree pattern all around the conveyor.
  • Fan suction draws air equally across all conveyor tiers as it returns up the center of the spiral conveyor.
Benefits: The centerline fan assures the entire spiral conveyor is evenly enveloped in the cooking atmosphere. This eliminates areas of uneven temperature found in ovens utilizing different airflow patterns. More Info

Uniform frying with thermal fluid oil heating
U-tubes deliver unbeatable performance with our new MasterTherm fryer. The patent-pending design of our thermal fluid heat exchanger uniformly heats cooking oil, makes sanitation simpler, and improves durability.

MasterTherm with thermal fluid tubes
MasterTherm's magic improves frying & sanitation
  • Rapid circulation of a small volume of thermal fluid inside the tubes quickly adjusts oil temperature to changes in product load.
  • Thermal fluid makes two passes for balanced heat distribution.
  • Heat is always available for high capacity frying.
  • Generous spacing between U-tubes eliminates fines build-up and simplifies sanitation.
  • Tubes move independently to prevent damage during thermal expansion.
Benefits: MasterTherm U-tubes provide more uniform oil heating, durability, and easier cleaning than fryers with straight tube and fin type thermal fluid heat exchangers. More Info

Reliable and uniform breading application
Our patent-pending dynamic belt tensioning system prevents conveyor belt jumping, jamming, and adjustment downtime. For uniform coating, even within product recesses, our SureCoat breaders feature interchangeable top coating hoppers and a unique lifter conveyor that lets you adjust bottom bed density from firm to fluffy.

SureCoat Dynamic Belt Tensioning
SureCoat Dynamic Belt Tensioning
Sure Coat Dynamic Belt Tensioning Diagram
What makes SureCoat coating so uniform?
  • Interchangeable hoppers for free-flowing and non free-flowing breadings promote uniform product coverage and fast changeovers.
  • Lifter conveyor speed easily adjusts breading bed from firm to fluffy.
Benefits: Automatic belt tensioning prevents downtime, while infinitely adjustable top and bottom breading uniformly coats many different types of products. More Info

Packaging platforms save time & money

Sanitary packaging platform being hosed down
Angled surfaces simplify cleaning of sanitary packaging platforms
A Heat and Control Rapid Deployment support platform for weighers, conveyors and other equipment will drastically reduce the time and costs for installation and start-up of your new packaging line.

Bolt-together platform sections are supplied with lighting, railings and stairways, and utility drops to single connection points are all pre-planned to minimize the number of on-site hours for specialized installation labor. The complete system of modules is factory-assembled and tested prior to shipment to assure organized fast unloading and placement on the line, and rapid risk-free start-ups.

All platforms are custom-designed to suit customer requirements. We offer standard designs for dry packaging rooms, and if you're packaging meat, poultry, seafood or other products in a washdown and sanitary production environment, we can deliver what you need!

Our sanitary packaging platforms are built to American Meat Institute standards. Structural members are located to eliminate flat surfaces where debris can accumulate, and conveyors are elevated above non-slip decking for unrestricted cleaning. Platforms can also include wash racks for weigher hoppers, hose storage, floor drains and other washdown specific features. The assembled platform's open support leg framework requires minimal floor space, allowing complete access to bagmakers, cartoners and other ground-level equipment.

Whatever your requirements, the up-front preparations provided by our modular-designed packaging systems will allow you to better control installation and start-up schedules, and reduce overall project costs. More Info

New technical center in Guadalajara!

New Guadalajara Technical Center
Our new Technical Center in Mexico is assisting start-up and established food processors build and improve their business with equipment demonstrations, process development support, and training programs. Located minutes away from the Guadalajara airport, Heat and Control's Centec facility is equipped with a wide range of snack and prepared food processing and packaging equipment, including fryers, ovens, de-oiling centrifuges, extruders, sheeters, seasoning applicators, coating applicators, Ishida weighers and checkweighers, and CEIA metal detectors.

The Centec facility provides a convenient and confidential environment for established companies to develop new products and test different processes without interrupting production at their busy plants. For those who are new to food processing, or interested in expanding their product offerings, Centec provides hands-on training on how to best produce a variety of snack and process prepared foods.

For more information on visiting any of Heat and Control's technical centers please see our Technical Center Information Page

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