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"With our new fryers throughput has increased, oil life has been extended and oil usage reduced, cleaning is easier ... and product quality is better and more consistent. And the sales and service support for the fryers has been very responsive. Our relationship with Heat and Control has strengthened and will continue to grow."
—Jonathan Arena
Operations Manager, Fishery Products
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Innovator Magazine

The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2008  Issue 28

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Extrude Success!

KoEx KF400 Friction Disk ExtruderOur new and easy-to-operate KoEx KF400 Friction Disk Extruder forms up to 900 pounds per hour of twist/curl/collet snacks for frying or baking.

Featuring a cast iron frame that supports rugged stainless steel construction, KoEx forms product using de-germed corn grits, polished rice grits, lentils or peas. An electrically heated extrusion barrel automatically maintains optimal extrusion conditions, and reduces product waste and delays during start-ups.

Continuous variable adjustment of the extrusion plate gap, and speeds of the feed screw and friction disk, precisely maintain product specifications. A two-way discharge conveyor transfers product downstream or discards scrap at start-up. Simple removal of extrusion tooling facilitates quick cleaning and product changeovers.

PLC control system screen for the KoEx extruderA PLC control system provides automatic start-up of the extruder and can be integrated with other production line equipment. The simple touch screen control panel requires minimal operator training and stores different product recipes, raw material conditions, start-up and shut-down procedures, and operation/alarm information.

Designed for continuous, reliable operation, KoEx delivers repeatable product quality.

Ishida's new bag is multiple choice

IshidaIshida's Atlas 202 Flexible BagmakerThe versatility of Ishida's new Atlas-202 bagmaker to produce multiple bag styles is giving snack manufacturers exciting opportunities for packaging and marketing their products.

With quick and simple changeover from one bag format to another, a single Atlas-202 can produce pillow, hem seal, gusseted and flat bottom bags. Such flexibility provides packaging options without having to buy several dedicated machines, and makes it easy to change bag styles to meet any future marketing choices.

The Atlas is significantly smaller than a packaging machine that's typically used for making block bottom or hem seal bags, saving valuable floor space. Memory presets in the remote control unit hold settings for each different bag format and size, simplifying changeovers. And when the bagmaker is integrated with an Ishida multihead weigher the entire system can be operated through a single remote control unit to facilitate operation and increase production efficiency.

Snack Food Bagmaker Bag TypesIshida snack food bagmakers give you consistently perfect seals, high speeds, quick changeovers, and the versatility to make all bag sizes on a single machine.
  • Single button preset call up
  • Operating parameters adjustable during production
  • Film splice plate or automatic film splicing
  • Vacuum assist pull down belts
  • Positive film positioning
  • Registration control
  • Data collection and display
  • Hole punch, tear notch, perforated and zig-zag cuts
  • Banner attachments
  • Continuous, intermittent or intermittent-only motion
  • Air or nitrogen flushed bags
  • Integrated system control

More weighers, More applications, More experience

IshidaWith thousands of successful Ishida multihead weigher installations behind us, Heat and Control's knowledge of product applications remains unsurpassed in the industry. And that means we've got the weigher that's ideal for your products.

Our partnership with Ishida has developed the widest range of basic weigher models from which to choose. Whether it's the entry level CCW-SE, the more advanced and cost effective CCW-RS, or the CCW-R for maximum speeds and efficiencies, there's an Ishida scale to meet your production and budget requirements.

Our innovation and dedication to product development has resulted in many special weigher modifications to reliably and efficiently handle food and non-food products with unique characteristics that make them difficult to handle, such as:
  • Fresh cut-leaf produce and salad mixes
  • Poultry (fresh and frozen)
  • Cereal (single and multi-component blends)
  • Fresh fruit, such as grapes and apple slices
  • Cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Powders
  • Rubber bands
We even have a weigher design to handle fresh sauerkraut! For any product application, no multihead weigher is more accurate, more reliable, or easier to clean and operate than an Ishida. Speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable applications engineers and learn how an Ishida CCW can benefit your bottom line.

Leafy salad conveying moves fast forward

FastBack Salad Conveyor
Embossed stainless steel pan and spinach leaves
Embossed stainless steel pan provides superior product release without special coatings
Quickly remove the pan or slide it away from the weigher for cleaning
Quickly remove the pan or slide it away from the weigher for cleaning
FastBack Horizontal Motion ConveyorsProcessors of fresh cut-leaf salad and spring mixes appreciate that our FastBack 260E conveyor moves high volumes of product without bruising, damage, or sticking, without operator adjustment, and with no flexure or variable speed tuning required.

Two times faster than other horizontal motion conveyors, 260E conveys heavy loads at up to 40 ft/min (12 meters/min). The gentle slow-forward fast-back motion of the conveyor safely transfers product with no sticking in the pan, and with no layering of pre-mixed components.

The patented fully washdown drive arrangement handles weigher feeding, distribution, sorting, and many other applications, and can be easily adapted to different pan sizes and configurations for economical conversion when equipment layouts change. Pre-wired and plumbed, all electrical and pneumatic components are mounted in the conveyor base for easy ready-to-run installation.

FastBack delivers a reliable and consistently even feed of product that can maximize performance of a multihead weigher. The system's low 70 dB operation with product complies with stringent government sound regulations, improving the packaging room environment.

FastBack conveyors are also available for fresh-cut and frozen vegetables and fruits.

Big box X-ray inspection

Ishida IX-GA-65100 X-ray inspection system
Big box product moving through X-ray inspection system
image processing
image processing
Ishida's unique image processing automatically generates optimal sensitivity and image quality without custom-made software
Ishida's unique image processing automatically generates optimal sensitivity and image quality without custom-made software
IshidaSafe, reliable and accurate Ishida X-ray inspection systems from Heat and Control now include a brand new model specifically designed to detect defects and foreign objects in large cases and cartons of product.

The new IX-GA-65100 features a 25.5" wide product conveyor and an inspection chamber that accommodates packages up to 10.62" tall (or 15.35" with optional safety covers). The system's X-ray generator tube has increased power to achieve complete penetration of these larger packages.

Sophisticated image processing software insures consistent and accurate performance, while user-friendly software allows quick product set-up and changeovers, and clear viewing of inspection images on a 15 inch color touch screen control panel. The product conveyor incorporates an independent set of wheels for easy removal without tools for cleaning.

All Ishida X-ray systems are fully compliant with ETL and US FDA Title 21 CFR 1020.40 regulations, and are built to IP65 washdown specifications.

Contact us today to find out how an Ishida X-ray detector can be a valuable addition to your quality control program by identifying contamination problems before they become costly liabilities.

Features Include:
  • 90 second warm-up prevents production delays
  • No routine recalibration
  • Simple, 3-touch preset switching
  • Remove conveyor and belt without using tools
  • IP66 conveyor chamber for high pressure washdown
  • Automatic storage of time-stamped inspection data
  • Ethernet option connects to your LAN network

Hot Off the Grill!

Rotary Brander in operation
Food branded with Rotary Brander
Heat and Control's versatile branding and searing systems create a "just-grilled" appearance and taste that add value to poultry, meats, seafood, vegetables, and baked goods.

Whether you're looking for single or two-sided branding, our continuous Rotary Brander produces markings that are just right for your product. Branding wheels can produce parallel, cross-hatch or other customized patterns, and we also provide floating ring wheels for naturally contoured or 3D formed products.

The branding wheel is easily adjustable to accommodate different product heights, and for two-sided branding the product continually contacts the carry belt for simultaneous marking and maximum product control. Modulating burner controls maintain a precise branding wheel temperature, insuring uniform marks and preventing product sticking.

Our Direct Flame Searer uses open flames to sear the surface, peaks and edges of product to develop browning highlights, and even unique flavor profiles for many foods. Simple adjustment of the height and angle of individual burners, and varying the conveyor speed and number of burners used, allows fine tuning to meet your exact product specification.

But if branding or searing alone doesn't produce the specific product look you want, we also offer a combination Searer/Brander system!

Heat and Control branders and searers are compact, easy to clean and maintain, and available for evaluation and testing at our Technical Center.

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