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"Our business has been built on quality and food safety, and that's why the CEIA detectors are an integral part of our company. Heat and Control's installation, start-up, operator training, and post-sale support have also been very good" ..."With the CEIA metal detectors, our security and comfort levels are extremely high. Their reporting features are very important to us and the detectors are simple to operate and have been completely trouble-free."
—Tal Shoshan
C.E.O, Five Star Gourmet Foods Inc.
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 2, 2007  Issue 27

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Dale and Thomas profits with new popcorn packaging line!

FastBack conveyors and Ishida weighers
FastBack conveyors and Ishida multihead weighers.
Ishida Snackfood Bagmaker
Ishida weigher and bagmaker.

Dale and Thomas Popcorn logoSales are "popping" at Dale and Thomas, so the gourmet popcorn manufacturer has moved to a new 110,000 sq. ft. facility in Englewood, NJ and installed new Heat and Control product handling, inspection and packaging systems to expand production capacity.

"The expansion was a very fast track project," recalls Glen Flook, C.O.O. at Dale and Thomas. "We needed a turn key implementation with very short lead times. We needed a supplier who could deliver quality equipment, and who had the engineering and service capabilities to meet those demands. Heat and Control was able to step up and give us what we needed."

The installation at Dale and Thomas includes six packaging stations, each featuring a direct-mount Ishida RS 14-head weigher with integrated CEIA metal detector over an Ishida Astro vertical bagmaker. The gentle motion of FastBack horizontal motion conveyors protects the company's uniquely coated products throughout distribution to the packaging stations. System controls were also provided by Heat and Control.

"The equipment is working exactly as promised," says Flook. "The conveying systems have reduced finished product waste by 50%, and the bagmaking equipment has reduced our film scrap by nearly 75%."

"The entire installation and start-up experience was outstanding," Flook continues. "Despite the tight deadlines, the project was executed on time and allowed us to meet some very substantial fourth quarter business objectives."

Problem product packaging is no problem!

Ishida's fresh poultry weigher

New Ishida Fresh Poultry Weigher
Heat and Control weighing, inspection and product handling systems for fresh poultry, meat and seafood are solving challenging problems for processors of these difficult to handle products.

New Ishida Fresh Poultry Weigher
Ishida's newest combination scale, specifically designed to accurately weigh raw chicken parts, delivers superior accuracy and takes up less than half the floor space of in-line weighing systems. Ideal for institutional tray packing of breasts, thighs, wings and drums, the Ishida weigher benefits processors by reducing product giveaway and freeing up valuable factory floor space.

Inspection Systems
There are no tougher sanitation procedures than those found at meat, poultry and seafood plants, and CEIA metal detectors built to IP66-IP69K levels provide superior protection during the washdown process. Whether it's the THS-3F high-speed tunnel model, the THS-PLV pipeline model (perfect for meat and poultry sausage stuffings), or any other CEIA system, you'll benefit from unsurpassed metal detector sensitivities even with the difficult "product effect" inherent with these products.

And from Ishida there are DACS checkweighers for accurate package weight verification, as well as IX-GA X-ray inspection systems for safe and reliable detection of bone, shell, plastic, metal and other contaminants and product defects, to further expand your quality control program.

Product Handling
Heat and Control's Poultry Seasoning System for fresh whole chickens accurately controls an application of spices, insuring uniform coverage and reducing waste of these costly ingredients. FastBack conveyors reliably feed bone-in fresh chicken parts to Ishida weighers, while our Shuttle Systems tackle the sticky problems of transferring surimi and other fresh seafood from Ishida weighers to multi-pocket horizontal pouch and tray lines.

Heat and Control has been at the forefront in developing packaging systems for difficult to handle products. Our equipment for cut and shredded produce and gummi candies, to name just a few, are improving the performance and profitability of packaging lines around the world! If you have a problem product, contact us today!

More Equipment for More Applications!

Heat and Control offers one of the widest ranges of prepared foods equipment of any single manufacturer in the world. In fact, we've grown up with the prepared foods business and continuously develop new technology to improve product yield, capacity and sanitation savings. Over 57 years of experience has taught us how to develop the entire process and apply the equipment to deliver the product you want consistently and efficiently.

Coating Applicators 
  • Marinade & sauce applicators
  • Belt-Type Flavor Applicator for dry toppings
  • Revolution drum applicator system
  • Batter applicators (submerger & curtain types)
  • Breading applicators (single pass & multi-flip)
  • Drum breader
  • Impingement
  • Convection
  • Spiral (single & twin spiral)
  • Steamers (linear & spiral)
  • Infrared ovens
  • Direct heated (gas, electric, thermal fluid)
  • Indirect heated (gas, electric, steam, thermal fluid; inside or outside return conveyors)
  • Oil curtain fryer (HeatWave)
  • Food service continuous compact fryers (electric or gas heated)
Oil Filtration & Heating 
  • External heat exchangers (gas, thermal fluid, steam)
  • Pollution control heat exchanger
  • Primary oil filters (drum, belt, centrifugal)
  • Secondary oil filters (metal mesh, canister or paper)
  • Fryer support modules (filters, heat exchanger, storage tank and pumps, mounted, pre-piped & pre-wired on one skid)
Surface Treatment & Formers 
  • Rotary Brander
  • Direct Flame Searer
  • Combination brand & sear systems
  • Infrared
  • Nugget Formers
Product Handling 
  • Conveyors (horizontal motion, vibratory, belt, bucket)
  • Distribution systems
  • Rapid deployment platforms
  • Ishida checkweighers
  • Ishida X-ray inspection
  • CEIA metal detectors
Weighers & Fillers 
  • Ishida multihead weighers
  • Tray & carton fillers
  • Systems integration
  • Panel design & fabrication
  • Data acquisition systems
Technical Support 
  • Processing & packaging equipment demonstrations
  • Field service
  • Spare parts
  • Parts repair
  • Training (classroom & on-site)

Progress Through Innovation

Since the 1950's, Heat and Control has steadily developed new equipment and processes for ever-higher production capacity, cooking control, product yield and quality. Look to us for ongoing innovations in coating, cooking, product handling and packaging technology.

1955 Fish stick fryer
1957 First 1,200 #/hr chicken parts fryer
1958 1,600 #/hr chicken parts fryer
1958 Patented continuous direct-heated fryer
1959 First 2,400 #/hr chicken parts fryer line
1962 Developed broiler for chopped sirloin
1962 Electric heat exchanger for Breaded Products Fryer
1963 Batch fish stick fryer
1963 Combination beef jerky and rendering oven
1964 Multi products fryer (chicken parts, french fries, potato patties)
1965 Patented continuous externally-heated fryer system
1965 Developed rotary searing cookers for meats
1966 Low oil volume fryer (outside return belt) for breaded meat patties
1967 First 5,000 #/hr fish products fryer
1968 High-capacity two lane batter applicator for chicken parts
1968 Dumpling blancher and fryer system
1968 Infrared oven/broiler
1970 Meat products holding oven
1970 6,000 #/hr chicken parts fryer
1970 66" wide batter applicator
1970 First 9,000#/hr chicken parts line (fryers and infrared oven)
1970 Created Drum Pre-Filter for improved continuous fines removal
1972 First continuous crepe fryer
1975 Established technical center for equipment demos
1976 Patented MPO cooking system and humidity controlled convection process
1977 First two lane MPO
1977 First two lane flour applicator
1978 First 40" wide Rotary Brander
1979 First two-zone MPO
1980 Developed Oil Mist Eliminator to clean fryer exhaust
1980 Introduced Ishida multihead weighers to North America
1981 Patented searer/brander
1981 First two-sided Rotary Brander
1984 Created Multi-Purpose Fryer
1986 Developed continuous nugget former
1987 First multi-tier MPO
1988 Introduced dynamic belt tensioning on breading applicators
1994 Patented spiral oven
1999 Patented AirForce impingement oven
2000 Patented HeatWave oil curtain fryer
2004 First 50" wide AirForce impingement oven
2005 Developed uniform cooking twin and single drum spiral ovens
2006 First 80" wide MPO

Little conveyor is a distribution GIANT!

FastBack 90Es in distribution line
New FastBack 90Es
A powerful drive insures consistent product flow at the industry's highest transfer rates. Programmable speed settings that automatically adjust to match the product demands of your packaging line, and the conveyor's instant stop-start feature, optimize production efficiency.

Shipped pre-wired with all photo eyes and electrical controls integrated into its base, the 90E conveyor is ready-to-run, drastically reducing installation time and costs.

The 90E drive base can accept a variety of pan sizes. When your line layout changes, simply replace the pan instead of buying a completely new conveyor! Changeover and spare parts costs are reduced to a minimum.

The small drive base opens up valuable factory floor space and allows easy access for cleaning.
FastBack LogoOur new FastBack 90E horizontal motion conveyor delivers high-performance product distribution and weigher feeding while protecting product quality and reducing operating costs.

FastBack 90E delivers all the benefits of the larger 260E conveyors in a smaller and more economical package. The patented drive arrangement generates a gentle slow-forward fast-back horizontal motion that minimizes product breakage, coating loss, and build-up in the pan. Cleaning costs are reduced, and unscheduled downtime for cleaning is eliminated! The gentle motion is ideal for maintaining the blend of pre-mixed products, and is equally efficient in conveying both dry and frozen foods. Plus, low 70 dB operation with product improves workplace comfort.

For more information about our new FastBack 90E conveyor, and other product handling solutions for your packaging and processing systems, contact Heat and Control!

FastBack 90E

Available in dry and USDA washdown construction, the versatile FastBack 90E is the perfect choice for snack, bakery, prepared food and also non-food product distribution applications.

Faster Fryer Installation

Fryer Support Module

Support modules are available for USDA inspected and non-sanitary applications.
Fryer Support Module
Consolidating support equipment for a Heat and Control continuous fryer into one compact module can reduce installation time up to 75%, simplify maintenance procedures, and save valuable factory floor space.

Our factory-assembled Fryer Support Module, designed to fit your specific plant layout, can include the heat exchanger, electrical panel, oil filters, pumps, storage tank, oil cooler, flow control valves and other equipment, all fully pre-piped and pre-wired to single point utility connections. Simply set the support module in place and you're ready to connect the fryer and utilities!

Built by the same experts who manufactured your fryer, the support module eliminates errors and delays caused by inexperienced contractors. And because the module is located next to your fryer, it eliminates long piping runs.

The compact design also provides abundant space around the module, giving easy access to all components to facilitate inspection, maintenance and sanitation.

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