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"The equipment is working exactly as promised, the conveying systems have reduced finished product waste by 50%, and the bagmaking equipment has reduced our film scrap by nearly 75%. The entire installation and start-up experience was outstanding. Despite the tight deadlines, the project was executed on time and allowed us to meet some very substantial fourth quarter business objectives."
—Glen Flook
C.O.O. at Dale and Thomas
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2007   Issue 26

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Take a new look at food safety!

Ishida's X-ray Inspection System

With Ishida X-ray systems, Ishida checkweighers, and CEIA metal detectors, we've got the inspection system to maximize the performance of your food safety program.

Ishida and CEIA logosSharpen your focus on product safety and quality with inspection systems from Heat and Control!

With CEIA metal detectors and Ishida X-ray systems you can identify metal, bone, plastic and other contaminants in product flow or packages.  We'll help you choose the best system for your products, or combine both for the best detection system possible!

And to eliminate costly giveaway, and reduce customer complaints, Ishida checkweighers accurately verify the weight, count or completeness of your products before they reach final distribution.

As independent machines, or combined as integrated components of complete processing and packaging lines, our inspection systems will improve the effectiveness of your quality control program.

X-ray inspection assures safety at Azuma Foods

X-ray inspection assures safety at Azuma Foods

Ishida X-ray system rejects product containing stone, shell, glass, metals and other contaminants.
IshidaAzuma Foods, an international supplier of quality frozen seafood, has expanded its commitment to product safety by installing Ishida X-ray Inspection Systems that detect and reject packages containing harmful contaminants.

With the ability to safely identify shell, bone and stone fragments that naturally occur in their products, as well as foreign materials such as metal and glass, the Ishida X-ray equipment is preventing distribution of contaminated products to retailers.

According to Takashi Miyamoto, Factory Manager at the Azuma Foods (Canada) Inc. processing plant in Richmond, British Columbia, "More and more international customers are urging or requiring use of such a system in food processing establishments. We investigated X-ray technology and are now using it to help produce an even safer product."

Azuma's facility in Japan was already using Ishida X-ray equipment, but to confirm this preference for their plant in Canada, the company initiated comparisons with systems from two other manufacturers. After a field trial in production conditions, Azuma chose Ishida.

"The compact size of Ishida's unit, its ability to consistently detect very small pieces of foreign material, and the customer service from Heat and Control were the main points in our decision," explains Miyamoto.

X-ray inspection as part of your quality control program can reduce operating costs and prevent contamination problems before they become a costly liability. For more information about Ishida X-ray systems, contact Heat and Control.

Expand your pellet snack business with HeatWave

HeatWave fryer for pellet snacks

Compact size also makes this HeatWave fryer ideal for pilot plant use.
Our new HeatWave fryer for pellet snacks is the ideal solution for batch processors who want to expand business with a low-cost continuous frying system.

HeatWave delivers the most advanced technology for continuous fry-popping of low capacities of pellets. Instead of submerging them, HeatWave expands the pellets using multiple curtains of oil, operating with a dramatically lower oil volume than conventional fryers.

The benefits? Rapid oil turnover, reduced operating costs, and product with fresher flavor and superior texture.

HeatWave's clean design features rugged stainless steel construction, a strainer basket to remove large particles and maintain cooking oil quality, and a lift-off hood for easy cleaning access. The fryer's compact frame saves floor space in the manufacturing area, and the easy-to-operate control panel ships pre-wired and mounted to the fryer to reduce installation time and costs.

To compliment our new economical HeatWave pellet fryer, we've designed a new pellet feeder, centrifugal oil removal system, and seasoning applicator, and you can complete your line with our product handling, packaging and inspection equipment.

Pick-A-Pack for POP Profits!

IshidaIshida Strip-Pack IllustrationLooking for a unique way to increase point-of-purchase sales? Ishida's new Flexible Strip-Pack Applicator produces ready-to-display hanging strips of bagged product that provide an effective and convenient way for retailers to market your goods.

Ishida's Strip-Pack Applicator has the flexibility to operate as an integrated component of an automatic packaging line, or independently as a stand-alone unit accepting bags hand-fed by an operator.

Ishida Strip-Pack
  • Easily interfaces to any Ishida or other brand bagmaker for automatic, higher-speed production.
  • Semi-automatic operation with hand-feeding of bags allows mix and match strip packaging of different products in the same bag size.
  • Speeds to 80 bags per minute.

Strip materials to fit any budget, including strip tape that allows bag reattachment after it's been removed, are readily available from Heat and Control's Ishida Parts Department.

Customize Your Stip-Packs
Easily adjust the Flexible Strip-Pack Applicator to handle pillow bags with a heat-sealable oriented polypropylene (OPP) film as the outer layer:
  • Bag widths from 5" to 8"
  • Bag lengths from 5" to 13"
  • Bag weights to 100 grams
  • Bag pitch from 2" to 4" for optimum overlap spacing
  • Adjustable number of bags per strip

Global Taste Of Success

global foods
As the selection of ethnic snack and prepared foods becomes more widespread in their markets, processors in North America are relying on Heat and Control's expertise in developing and producing the special tastes and textures of these unique and increasingly popular foods.

When it comes to cooking foods with exotic names like samosas and bhujia, and even more familiar foods like egg rolls and taquitos, Heat and Control has the experience from its factories and installations around the world to bring the special processing requirements home to local processors.

We design and manufacture frying and seasoning systems around the world that meet the precise recipes of these traditional national foods. We're as familiar with frying snacks from chickpeas, lentils and other legumes as we are with frying potato and tortilla chips! We understand the process for cooking wasabi fried peas as well as we do cooking hush puppies.

Our batch and continuous frying systems provide a choice for meeting both low and high-capacity production needs. And when it comes to packaging the finished product, we have the product handling and packaging equipment to complete the production line.

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