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"We have used a Heat and Control FastBack conveyor for the last 12 years. I have found the FastBack to be very reliable and worry-free. We have used vibratory conveyors in the past, and the FastBack is a great alternative. The FastBack is an excellent choice for fragile products, requires minimal preventive maintenance, and is one of our most dependable pieces of equipment."
—Steve Eiman
Plant Manager, TR Toppers Inc.
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 2, 2006   Issue 25

"What's New?"

When somebody asks "What's new at Heat and Control?", we've got plenty to talk about!

We're announcing exciting new developments for packaging, processing, product handling and inspection that can improve the performance of your production line. There's not room enough inside to tell you everything we'd like to, so for more information about any of this new equipment, just give us a call or explore this website.

Ishida's Multi-lane Checkweigher

New Ideas: Inspection

Multi-lane Checkweighing
Ishida's versatile new DACS-CW checkweigher is available in two to six lane configurations, and three belt widths. The system features a fixed belt height range that allows easy interface with low discharge packaging machines, and the easy-to-operate touch screen control panel displays status and production data for each and all lanes.

Ishida's X-ray Inspection System

Ishida X-ray Inspection
Safely and reliably identify defects and foreign objects in your product with Ishida's new IX-GA Series X-ray inspection system. For maximum consumer protection, the system will detect metal and non-metallic materials such as glass, bone, shell, and plastics even through aluminum foils and cans.

CEIA's THS/G metal detector

CEIA Metal Detection
There's a CEIA metal detector for any application! High-sensitivity and easy-to-clean construction are integral to CEIA systems for liquid and viscous products, as well as granules, powders, packages and ferrous-in-foil products.

New Ideas: Packaging

Ishida's CCW-SE multihead weigher

CCW-SE multihead weigher
Ishida's CCW-RS multihead weigher

CCW-RS multihead weigher
Ishida's CCW-R multihead weigher

CCW-R multihead weigher
Ishida's Linear multihead weigher

Linear multihead weigher
Ishida's Flexible Strip-Pack

Flexible Strip-Pack
Ishida's Cut-gate weigher

Cut-gate weigher

SE Weighers
Ishida's entry level multihead weigher, available in 10 and 14-head models, is economical, easy to operate, and incorporates proven technology to ensure years of dependable performance.

RS Weighers
A cost effective alternative to higher speed models with more advanced features, the Ishida CCW-RS delivers precise weighing accuracy in 14 and 16-head models that meet a wide range of production requirements.

R Weighers
High-tech advancements deliver speeds to 180 weighments per minute, maximum operating efficiency, and automatic settings that optimize productivity and reduce operator inputs.

Sanitary Standards Weigher
Ishida's new "H" option to the CCW-R weigher features construction that is designed to meet American Meat Institute sanitary standards. The "Hygienic" weigher gives meat and poultry processors a cost-effective alternative to USDA Dairy or 3A construction, which are of course still available on request.

Linear Multihead Weigher
For superior packaging of ultra-low target weights, Ishida CCW-R linear weighers are accurate, easy to clean, compact and offer short drop heights for gentle product handling.

Atlas-122 Bagmaker
A new rotary jaw system allows higher speeds at even greater efficiencies, making Atlas the ultimate snack food bagmaker.  More 

Flexible Strip-Pack
This unique system interfaces to any manufacturer's bagmaker, or operates as a stand alone unit, to produce a ready-to-display hanging strip of small snack food packages, promoting point-of-purchase sales of your products.

Cut-gate Weigher
Replacing an auger or volumetric filler with a new Ishida CG Series weigher achieves greater fill accuracy and eliminates messy and time-consuming screw and cup changes. Ideal for dry, granular products, the Cut-gate Weigher requires only a preset change through the control panel to run a new target weight, is available with 1 to 10 weigh heads, and can run up to 15 weighments per minute per head.

New Ideas: Product Handling

SwitchBack™ Accumulator
SwitchBack AccumulatorIdeal for fragile snacks, nuts, bakery and frozen meat/poultry products, SwitchBack offers a gentle handling and compact accumulation buffer between processing and packaging. Its unique and patent-pending design eliminates photoeyes and other product detection systems, making it ideal for washdown environments.
  1. Product gently slides into the lower SwitchBack pan in a first-in first-out sequence.
  2. When the lower pan is full, product automatically discharges in the other direction.

Products on Rotary Chip Sizer (detail)

Rotary Chip Sizer
Reduce maintenance costs, sanitation challenges, and operator adjustments with our exclusive new technology for separating large and small potato chips, and similar products.

Revolution™ Seasoning System
FastBack Revolution Seasoning SystemWhether it's used as an integrated seasoning system feeding the packaging machine weigher, or as a stand-alone module in processing, the Revolution Seasoning System is an all-in-one package doing what other systems require five or six separate equipment pieces to accomplish.  The new generation Revolution Seasoning System offers a wider range of throughputs, is easier to change over and clean, and provides even better coverage, accuracy, and overall performance.

Vertical Raceway
Continuously transfer product from your Ishida weigher into trays at speeds up to 160 per minute. Controlled filling from collection hoppers prevents spills, and the versatile design requires minimal space under the weigher, allows closer spacing of weighers, and provides unrestricted access for cleaning.

New Ideas: Processing

Automatic Heated Centrifuge

Heated Centrifuge for Low-Oil Chips
Maximize the versatility of your batch fryer with on-demand production of both traditional and low-oil batch fried potato chips. Centrifugal force reduces the oil content of chips down to 22% or less (depending on the potatoes' specific gravity), while machine design minimizes product damage.

Bakery Products Systems
For doughnuts, toaster pastries, fruit-filled pies, bagels, quiche, pot pies and proofed bakery products, we offer the machinery and expertise to help you boost productivity and minimize operating costs. Contact us today for details on our line of continuous fryers, spiral ovens and bagel boilers.  More 

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