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"Each piece of the puzzle fit perfectly, and we completed the installation days early - unprecedented for the size and scope of the project! The equipment met all of our expectations, and continues to perform exceptionally well, 17 hours per day and six days per week. And after all our discussions regarding product breakage, I am glad to tell you that it is a non-issue!"
—Rich Garofolo
Plant Manager, Lopez Foods
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2006   Issue 24

Economical Weigher
High-Tech Performance

Ishida's CCW-RS Multihead Weighers

Ishida LogoIshida CCW-RS Multihead Weigher Ishida's new multihead weigher delivers superior accuracy and performance at an easily affordable price. Available in 14-head or 16-head models to meet a wide range of production requirements, the new CCW-RS weigher integrates simple operator controls with advanced load cell technology to provide a cost effective alternative to higher speed models with more advanced features.

But there's nothing "low-tech" about the CCW-RS. It features the same advanced weighing technology and durable construction that separate Ishida from all other scale manufacturers.

High Accuracy
Exclusive digital filtering process guarantees precise, stable weighments to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Simple Operation
Clear and easy-to-follow interactive menus facilitate set-up, control and product changeovers.

Stainless steel weigh/drive units and dustproof construction protect against corrosion and infiltration of particulates.

Standard general-use software supports a wide range of user requirements.

Accurate and reliable net weight filling at a competitive price could make the new Ishida CCW-RS weigher an attractive solution for improving both the performance and profitability of your packaging line. Contact us for more information!

Metal Detection For Maximum Product Safety


CEIA metal detector on production line

Fully HACCP compliant, CEIA metal detectors are ISO 9001 certified and constructed of FDA and USDA approved materials.
Through a new alliance with CEIA S.p.A., Heat and Control is providing exclusive sales and service for CEIA industrial metal detectors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America (excluding Chile).

Founded in 1968 and based in Arezzo, Italy, CEIA (pronounced "CHAY-uh") is a world leader in metal detection design, engineering, and manufacturing. While their product range includes security/walk-through and hand-held metal detectors, the industrial systems for food processors that Heat and Control will handle detect metal in granular, powder, solid, liquid and viscous products, packages, ferrous-in-foil trays and wrappers, and conveyor-transported products.

Unique features and technology deliver the superior performance of CEIA metal detectors.

Digital Signal Processing
CEIA uses all digital processing of the signal from the receiver, resulting in more accurate readings and allowing the control enclosure to be located up to 130 feet from the metal detector.

A simple step-by-step procedure, requiring minimal training, selects the optimum band of operation for up to 250 product presets, and verifies the product effect on-machine to arrive at the ideal sensitivity and phase shift for each product.

Washdown Contruction
A 316L stainless steel welded case and IP69K rating for metal detector heads and power supply enclosures meets nearly all washdown requirements.

Tx Monitor
Powerful software allows filtering of product effect to follow trend lines of temperature and other changes during processing.

Easy Recalibration
The metal detector head and control card can be easily recalibrated on site by plant personnel.

Metal Detection For Every Product Application

CEIA Logo CEIA metal detectors provide immunity to interference and response speeds that exceed the most stringent quality control standards.

CEIA THS/3F metal detector

Model THS/3F Multiple Products
The THS/3F metal detector provides excellent results on multi-product lines, where individual products have very different conductivity characteristics. The automatic frequency selection function chooses the optimum of three available frequencies for the product in transit.

CEIA THS/FB metal detector

Model THS/FB Conveyed Products
THS/FB conveyor belts satisfy the most stringent requirements of functionality, compact construction, accuracy and reliability. The belts offer total integration with CEIA's high-performance THS metal detectors, and feature an extremely sanitary stainless steel structure, digital control of belt speed, and ejection of non-conforming products.

CEIA THS/G metal detector

Model THS/G Free-Falling Products
The THS/G inspects foods, powders, granules and other loose materials transported in free-fall through tubes. The system can signal an integrated packaging machine when contaminated product is detected, and when fitted with a reject valve, remove contaminating magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

CEIA THS/PLV metal detector

Model THS/PLV Liquid & Viscous Products
The THS/PLV is a compact integrated system designed for metal contaminant detection and elimination in products transported by pipeline, especially meat, soup, poultry, seafood and other prepared foods. Parts in contact with product can be quickly disassembled for fast and thorough cleaning.


Ishida Logo

CEIA metal detectors and Ishida checkweighers are offered individually and as integrated systems through our new Inspection Systems Division. As with all Heat and Control-supplied products, "One Call Delivers" complete technical support, service, parts and training.

Low Price Bagmaker
Optimal Snack Packaging

Ishida's Astro Bagmaker
Ishida's Astro Bagmaker
Astro is available with an integrated CCW-RS weigher to create the ultimate snack packaging system.

Ishida LogoFor economical snack food packaging, nothing outperforms Ishida's Astro vertical form/fill/seal bagmaker.

Astro's innovative pull-down belt system and servomotor-controlled film feeder produce quality bags at speeds to 80 bags-per-minute. A servomotor in the end seal area insures optimum seal pressure, seal time and seal temperature for consistent seal quality, and the parameters for these settings can be quickly programmed using the easy-to-operate control unit.

The control unit's LCD touch screen with icon-based function descriptions provides an easy means of performing bagger operations. Up to 100 product programs can be pre-set and stored in memory for fast changeovers. Changeovers are further simplified with lightweight formers that can be changed without tools, and fewer film rollers that insure fast film changes.

And since formers are interchangeable across the Ishida bagmaker product line, you can run your Apex or Atlas formers on the Astro to fully realize your investment in formers.

For a cost-effective highly-efficient snack food packaging system, integrate the Astro with an Ishida CCW-RS weigher. This smooth integration of weighing and bagmaking functions can be further improved with a direct mounting of the weigher to the bagmaker that reduces support steel costs and increases available floorspace in the packaging room.

End Seasoning Dust Fall-Out

FastBack dust control hood solves the problems of airborne seasoning

FastBack Dust Control Hood
Our light-weight one-piece plastic hood covers the top of any multi-head weigher.
Dust control hoods on FastBack Revolution Seasoning Systems at Golden Flake Snack Foods are providing an effective solution to problems caused by airborne dust, the inevitable result of applying salt, cheese flavorings and other seasonings to snack foods.

"We are very happy with the performance of these new systems," reports Rolando Benevidez, Maintenance Manager at Golden Flake in Birmingham, AL. "The hoods are preventing product cross-contamination and allergen concerns with the dust, and are also reducing our clean-up time and costs. In addition," he reports, "the hoods have significantly reduced strong odors from seasonings like dill and salt and vinegar, which were very unpleasant to employees working in the packaging area."

The new hood arrangement for on-machine seasoning systems mounts at the end of the Revolution tumble drum and shrouds the area directly above the multihead weigher's center dispersion cone, preventing the spread of dust in the packaging room. The lightweight single-piece hood can be pivoted open or easily removed without tools for fast and thorough cleaning and inspection.

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