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"Our business has been built on quality and food safety, and that's why the CEIA detectors are an integral part of our company. Heat and Control's installation, start-up, operator training, and post-sale support have also been very good" ..."With the CEIA metal detectors, our security and comfort levels are extremely high. Their reporting features are very important to us and the detectors are simple to operate and have been completely trouble-free."
—Tal Shoshan
C.E.O, Five Star Gourmet Foods Inc.
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 1, 2005   Issue 22

Big Savings In Wash Water!

Gentle Wash™ potato slice washer cuts fresh water use & fryers cleaning costs

  • Reduce fresh water usage by up to 80% by cleaning and reusing wash water
  • Limit slice damage that produces broken chips
  • Prevent mid-shift downtime for fryer de-crumbing

Gentle Wash potato slice washer
Our new Gentle Wash uses a 3-stage washing process and low water volume to assure slices are continually exposed to clean water for thorough washing and fines removal. Potatoes are first evenly metered into the slicers to maintain slicing accuracy and minimize fines generation. Stage 1 washing starts as slices are flumed from the slicers. In Stage 2, slices pass through the Spiral Action Gentle Washer, where surface starch and fines are thoroughly removed without mechanical agitation. This greatly reduces slice damage that can produce broken chips during frying. Stage 3 spreads the slices onto the Dewatering Conveyor where they receive two reuse water rinses and a final fresh water rinse before passing through our AirSweep® vacuum/blow-off system. Surface moisture and additional fines are then removed to prevent unnecessary fryer fuel usage and de-crumbing shutdowns.

Gentle Wash's integral hydro-sieve and starch recovery cyclones continuously clean and recirculate the wash water. In addition to big savings in water, this concentrates starch and fines to reduce sewer loading or the load on your starch recovery system.

Salad Packers Boost Profits With new Ishida Weigher

Big bucket CCW-R weigher is 15% faster & uses Windows XP®!

Ishida's CCW-R Salad Weigher

Ishida's CCW-R Salad Weigher
Dependable quality and easy-to-use convenience is what drives consumer appreciation of pre-bagged fresh-cut salads. Fresh vegetable processors also focus on the values of quality, reliability, and simplicity when selecting the equipment that prepares these products for market. That's why they continue to specify Ishida multihead weighers to package their full range of cut, shred, whole leaf, and spring mix salads.

Ishida Salad Weighers deliver the performance processors need to meet high production requirements for their products. A revolutionary stainless steel material virtually eliminates product sticking. High-amplitude feeder drives provide powerful control of product flow, while Ishida's unique Pulse Width Modulation system automatically tunes dispersion and radial feeder drives for maximum operating efficiency.

And now the new Ishida Model CCW-R Salad Weigher provides additional technological advances that further increase packer profits with higher production rates, reduced product giveaway, and lower cleaning and maintenance costs.

  • Speeds up to 15% faster than earlier models
  • Control unit with Windows XP® operating system and e-mail capabilities
  • Capability for full integration and monitoring of other equipment on the line through single panel operator interface
  • USB camera for real-time monitoring of product conditions on the dispersion and radial feeders
  • Automatic timing settings that optimize productivity and reduce operator inputs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Quick and easy set-ups and product changeovers, including Ishida's helpful tutorial

The Heat and Control/Ishida partnership with fresh-cut processors dates back to the industry's beginnings in the 1980's. We are committed to providing many more innovations in packaging technology that will further promote the successful marketing of their products.

For more information please visit Heat and Control's Ishida CCW-R product information page

Consumers Crave That Old Time Crunch

By Don Giles Director of Sales & Project Management Processing Systems Division

Almost everyone who enjoys potato chips has eaten "old fashioned kettle chips." The texture is typically a bit harder and the potato flavor just a bit sweeter than conventional potato chips. Why? They are batch fryed rather than being cooked in a continuous process.

Batch frying cooks chips at a lower temperature, for a much longer time, and with a unique "U" shaped profile of cooking oil temperature. Oil temperature is high when the potato slices are introduced, but drops to its lowest temperature in the middle of the cooking cycle. Then, as moisture in the slices evaporates, the oil temperature recovers for a high finishing temperature. This produces the harder texture and sweeter flavor that many consumers prefer!

Kettle chips are so popular that many companies are adding them to their product offering either by having them co-packed or by installing their own batch fryers. Companies that are currently making kettle chips are continuing to add capacity at a rapidly increasing rate.

Consumers have shown their increasing preference for kettle chips. That market is said to have risen to 10 to 15% of the total potato chip market in the U.S., and it's growing in popularity in Europe and Asia as well. The Atkins trend is certainly being felt in many segments of the food industry, but not in the snack segment of "old fashioned kettle chips"! Capacity and sales of the product continue to soar.

Isn't it somewhat ironic that we've come full circle with potato chips? When they were first invented, and for many years thereafter, all were cooked using the batch frying process.

Satisfy the Global Taste for Snacks
There's more cooking in batch fryers than potato chips. Garbanzo beans, chic peas, mung beans, lentils, beets, taro root, and a wide variety of noodles are batch fried by small-to-medium capacity processors. Exotic snacks that many Americans grew up with in Asia, India, Africa and Latin America are gaining popularity as tasty alternatives to traditional potato and corn chips. Indeed, many processors are developing prosperous businesses using the expertise, batch fryers, seasoning applicators, and packaging systems supplied by Heat and Control.

Batch Fryer Buyers Guide

Model BF Batch Fryer
Model BF Batch Fryer
Choose from standard models to produce 180 or 400 finished pounds per hour of quality kettle style chips. With no heat transfer tubes immersed in the oil, the BF's unique under-pan fired design allows cooking with as little as 4” of oil depth. Low oil volume produces rapid oil turnover for the freshest chips with a long shelf life. For repeatable quality in each batch, a Programmable Logic Controller automatically controls potato feed, frying, finished chip unloading, and initiation of the next batch.

Model MOK Batch Fryer
Producing 300 finished Ibs/hr of potato chips, our economical MOK batch fryer features a lower oil volume than many other tube-fired batch fryers, programmable operation, and a safe, reliable direct natural gas heating system.

Model MBF Mastermatic Batch Fryer
MBF Mastermatic Batch Fryer
This economical fryer uses Mastermatic's proven fully enclosed cross-fired direct natural gas heating system to produce superior potato chips without damaging oil quality. Models are available for 150, 200 and 350 finished pounds per hour.

Automatic Slice Agitation System
Automatic Slice Agitation System
Eliminate the costly and hazardous task of manually stirring chips during cooking. Available on the Model BF, MOK and MBF batch fryers, this option automatically stirs slices to assure every chip is uniformly finished, and then directs them to the discharge/drain conveyor at the end of the cook cycle.

Model HD Mastermatic Snack Batch Fryer
Model HD Mastermatic Snack Batch Fryer
For nuts, lentils, and other snacks, the HD batch fryer delivers economical, high-volume production at up to 800 finished pounds per hour. The system's proven oval tube direct gas-fired oil heating system transfers heat quickly throughout the cooking zone, providing rapid temperature recovery for efficient production. The fryer's unique Mastermatic Cool Zone™ below the heating tubes extends oil life by separating crumbs and particles from the higher temperature cooking zone. Heavy gauge construction provides years of reliable service, while the small footprint requires minimal floor space.

Now You're Cooking!

Heat and Control ovens for prepared foods are renown for innovative technology that reliably delivers large capacities of uniformly finished product, high yields, and low costs for cleaning and maintenance.

Twin Drum Spiral Oven
Twin Drum Spiral Oven
Our unique cylindrical design evenly circulates air in a 360º pattern around all sides of the spiral conveyor. Temperature is consistent across all tiers producing faster cooking, greater production throughput, and higher product yields with no need for overcooking. Our centrally vented twin enclosure design maintains independent temperature and moisture control in each spiral zone. Plus, clean-in-place sprays are integrated into the conveyor frame for simple, thorough sanitation. Single drum designs are also available.

MPO Cooking System®
MPO Cooking System
Since being patented in 1976, the MPO has established itself as the standard of high-yield, multi-product cooking. Its unique convection cooking process lets you precisely control the interaction between temperature and moisture for rapid heat transfer without product dehydration. MPO-cooked foods retain more of their original moisture and flavor, and you can even develop unique surface textures without sacrificing valuable yield. Choose from 24" to 80" belt widths.

AirForce® Impingement Oven
AirForce Impingement Oven
AirForce cooks faster and more uniformly than any other impingement oven. Consistent temperature across the belt eliminates the need for overcooking to assure all product is safely cooked, so AirForce delivers high production rates and high finished product yields. Now available with a 50” wide belt, AirForce can handle even greater throughputs. It also lets you develop unique product surface characteristics, is easy to clean, and takes less floor space than comparable ovens.

Growing Worldwide

Heat and Control is adding and expanding manufacturing facilities around the world to improve our production efficiencies and better serve our customers with improved access to the latest processing, packaging and controls systems innovations.

Nanjing, China
For almost 20 years Heat and Control has successfully supplied equipment into the China market from our Brisbane, Australia office. During this period there has been dramatic growth in the Chinese economy, and greater emphasis by the Chinese on quality and efficiency in food processing, preservation and packaging. To remain competitive in this market, and to provide a local presence in the region, our new factory in Nanjing commenced operation in November.

Phase One of the project comprises over 23,000 square feet of manufacturing space, nearly 16,000 square feet of office space, and a 2,000 square foot Technical Center. Future expansion will increase the factory to some 65,000 square feet.

Galesburg, Illinois
With the rapid increase in sales of our FastBack® conveyors, Revolution™ Seasoning Systems, and other product handling equipment, we've nearly doubled the manufacturing floor space at our Galesburg factory. Completion of the expansion late last year increased the factory area to 75,000 square feet, providing much improved material and manufacturing flow, and greater flexibility in meeting changing manufacturing priorities. To further improve our manufacturing process, we've also added a new Bystronic laser cutter and 20-foot Pacific press brake to insure the efficiency and high quality of our sheet metal fabrication.

Brisbane, Australia
Our factory in Mt. Gravatt, located in Brisbane's southeastern suburbs, has just completed a 23,000 square foot expansion for assembly that was needed to meet the increased volume of equipment being manufactured for the European market. Completed in December, the improvements also included a new laser cutter and press brake, as well as upgrades in the office space to improve customer meeting facilities and provide additional workstations.

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