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"Heat and Control's pilot plant technologist was extremely knowledgeable about frying processes, which very quickly helped us dial in the roast and color qualities we were looking for."
—Matt Spence
Operations Manager, Kar Nut
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The Heat and Control innovator
Volume 2, 2003   Issue 19

Checkweigh & Save!


Ishida's DACS Checkweigher

  • No tools conveyor belt removal
  • Fast changeovers with 100 preset programs
  • Anti-floor-vibration improves accuracy
Whether your product is a frozen food or a salty snack, nuts and bolts or pharmaceuticals, an Ishida DACS checkweigher will deliver effective quality control that protects profits and promotes customer satisfaction.

Verifying that a package contains the proper weight or count of product before it enters your distribution chain will end consumer complaints about shortages and eliminate costly product giveaway. An integrated DACS checkweigher with metal detector will expand your inspection capabilities, while a selection from many rejector options will insure positive removal of overweight, underweight and metal-detected packages from the production line.

Ishida's DACS Max Checkweigher

The waterproof DACS Max stands up to high pressure washing with caustic solutions.
You can count on the unbeatable accuracy and durable construction of Ishida checkweighers to deliver outstanding performance, day in and day out. And because there's such a wide range of models to choose from, there's an Ishida DACS checkweigher to suit almost any product-specific requirements.

No-Spill Bucket Conveyor

Varilift® anti-spill buckets, easy cleaning, and modular construction will elevate your ideas about bucket conveying to whole new levels!

Varilift Conveyor
Clean conveying
Varilift's no-spill buckets always remain upright after discharging product to insure a clean, trouble-free operation. A unique infeed system with overlapping buckets eliminates gaps to prevent product loss and reduce cleanup time and costs.

Easy cleaning
One-piece food grade buckets are quickly removed without tools for faster cleaning. The optional Tip-To-Clean™ system pivots buckets into the dump position to allow easy cleaning while they're in the conveyor's lower vertical section. When more stringent cleaning is required, an integrated Clean-In-Place system can be provided that automatically washes buckets.

Carouselling buckets that can fully rotate allow product discharge from the conveyor at more than one location. Built from interchangeable modules, Varilift conveyors can be configured in S, C or horizontal layouts, and can be added to or reconfigured to suit changes in your production line.

Quiet operation

Varilift buckets with product
Buckets do not overlap as they travel around the system, eliminating bucket "chatter" and making bucket jams at the turns a thing of the past!

Varilift bucket conveyors and other Heat and Control product handling systems are available for inspection and testing at our Technical Centers. Contact us for more information and a demonstration running your products!

3A Sanitary Shuttle

Transfer product from an Ishida weigher into multiple pocket filling systems.

Form and function unite in a dynamic new Heat and Control packaging system that's built to comply with the strict sanitation requirements for cheese handling equipment.

Customer specifications for this recent installation required filling 4 ozs. of crumbled feta cheese into six pockets of a horizontal thermoforming machine. The complex function of weighing, diverting and transferring product into the 2 X 3 pocket arrangement at 72 fills per minute is easily accomplished by an Ishida 24-head Millennium™ weigher and Heat and Control Product Transfer Shuttle. Stepper motor drives precisely and quietly control the opening of the Ishida's hopper doors and the Shuttle's position over the thermoforming unit, while a lowerator system insures proper product filling within the confines of each pocket.

The contoured and easy-to-clean form of the system took shape to meet the very stringent requirements of 3A Sanitary Standards, Inc., a nonprofit organization that promotes the hygienic design, fabrication, installation and operation of equipment in dairy plants. The round tubular construction of the Shuttle and the weigher support stand, the #8 mirror finish of the stainless steel product contact parts, and no-tools removal of the contact parts all contribute to easier and more effective cleaning that reduces cleaning labor costs.

As a supplier to diverse food and non-food industries, Heat and Control has a unique understanding of equipment fabrication techniques. We build quality machinery that's durable and efficient, and we have the expertise and experience to meet whatever special construction specifications your product or project might require.

Product Safety Drawings

By Matt Soderer, Product Safety Coordinator

Customer safety is a top priority at Heat and Control. Every Heat and Control manufactured machine is subjected to a thorough product safety review and inspection before it ships from one of our factories.

To expand our commitment to customer safety, we are in the process of implementing an additional inspection procedure. A Product Safety Drawing (PSD) is provided to customers to verify, prior to startup, that all safety-related features and systems are operational and have not been damaged or compromised during shipping or installation.

The machine's PSD identifies all safety devices and features. Prior to shipment, each item is signed-off by a qualified Heat and Control representative at the factory, and a copy of the drawing is shipped with the machine to the customer. An additional copy of the drawing is delivered to the customer either by mail or courier, or by a Heat and Control service representative if one has been commissioned for installation and start-up services.

At installation, the PSD is a valuable tool for highlighting the location, purpose, importance and maintenance of each safety device or system. We stress the value of this safety inspection and underscore its importance by requesting that customers sign off on each item as it is reviewed, discussed, and inspected.

The value of the Product Safety Drawing doesn't stop there. Long after startup of the equipment, the PSD will be an important asset for customers to use in training new personnel in the maintenance and safe operation of the machinery, and in conducting periodic inspections to insure that all machine safety features are always functioning properly.

Catch The HeatWave

Nothing provides better evidence of the versatility and exceptional performance of our HeatWave® frying system than the growing list of processors who have chosen its patented technology to cook a wide range of products.

HeatWave Fryer

HeatWave Fryer
Frying with curtains of clean filtered oil is fast becoming a preferred method for creating the highest quality fried foods, such as:
  • Batter and breaded chicken nuggets, patties & tenders
  • Batter and breaded fish, beef, pork & shrimp
  • Zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant & potato pieces
  • Caramelized onions
  • Egg rolls
  • Chinese dumplings
  • Peanuts & tree nuts (almonds, cashews)
  • Turkey bacon
  • Falafels

Precise control of oil temperature allows completely uniform cooking through the fryer, or you can adjust oil flow from individual curtains to create custom heat transfer and cooking profiles. And the gentle flow of oil over the product preserves the most delicate coatings and maintains product orientation throughout cooking to prevent marriages and other coating damage.

Multiple oil curtains quickly transfer heat without disturbing product position or coatings
HeatWave generates big oil savings with the lowest oil volume of any continuous fryer. In addition, 100% of the system oil volume circulates through a continuous filter within seconds, removing fines to prevent oil degradation and reduce cleaning costs.

For maximum cooking versatility, the innovative HeatWave fryer can even be switched from oil to water for blanching!

Never before has one fryer offered such versatility and savings. We invite you to find out for yourself by visiting our Technical Centers to test your products on the revolutionary HeatWave fryer.

Systems and Service for Fruit & Vegetables

From a variety of vegetable applications including carrots, peas, corn and potatoes, to fresh cut salad mix, diced fruit and frozen mixed vegetables, some of the largest - and smallest - growers and processors rely on Heat and Control machinery to process and package their quality products.

With over 70 years of combined leadership experience, our Galesburg, IL facility custom designs and builds durable and dependable machinery for unloading, storage, transfer, peeling and inspection. In addition, we supply complete conveying, weighing and packaging systems for both fresh and frozen applications.

  • Truck dumpers
  • Dirt removers, product sizers
  • Crate fillers, dumpers, storage bin systems
  • Storage bin systems
  • Flume & conveyor transfer systems
  • Batch & continuous peeler/washers
  • Inspection & distribution conveyors
  • FastBack horizontal motion conveyors
  • Varilift bucket conveyors
  • Ishida multihead weighers & checkweighers
  • Tray & carton fillers

We welcome you to visit our Galesburg facility. Or call to schedule a demonstration of our conveyors and Ishida weighing systems at Heat and Control Packaging Demonstration Centers in California and Pennsylvania.

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