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"Heat and Control has supported us completely as a good partner in getting the most out of our equipment."
—Jeff Schnack
President, NRE World Bento
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Energy-Saving Systems For Sustainable Efficiency

Going Green and Clean Reduces Energy Use and Costs

Heat and Control's Heat exchanger with Combustion Air Pre-Heater
Heat exchanger with Combustion Air Preheater
Heat and Control's KleenHeat pollution control heat exchanger
KleenHeat pollution control heat exchanger
AirSweep water removal system
AirSweep water removal system
Looking for an edge to reduce manufacturing costs? Heat and Control offers proven systems that reduce fuel, air pollution and water usage. Currently your return-on-investment is very attractive for these systems. When you consider future increases in fuel and water costs, your savings will continue to grow in years to come.

Booster Heater
Mounted over the stack of most any heat exchanger, the Booster Heater uses normally wasted exhaust gases to preheat cooking oil. Without using additional fuel, it will increase heat exchanger efficiency by up to 12%.

Combustion Air Preheat System
Introducing high-temperature air into a burner reduces the fuel needed for combustion. Our Combustion Air Pre-Heater utilizes normally wasted exhaust heat to reduce fuel usage and boost heat exchanger efficiency up to 4%. Additional modules can be added to further increase the overall process efficiency by preheating make-up cooking oil, air and water.

KleenHeat pollution control heat exchanger
As it heats cooking oil, our High-Efficiency KleenHeat heat exchanger incinerates and removes virtually all odors, oil and other particulates from fryer stack exhaust that would normally pollute the air and area around your plant. As an added bonus, our latest graduated density oil heating tube bundle provides 10% greater thermal efficiency than existing models - far exceeding the performance of heat exchangers that do not remove pollutants!

Stack Heat Recovery System
Recover millions of BTU's of heat from the fryer exhaust stack. This system condenses otherwise wasted steam to make hot water for blanching, sanitation, or even building heat.

Burner Mixture Management
Increase heat exchanger efficiency up to 4% by maintaining a precise fuel-to-air mixture ratio through the full firing range of the burner.

Alternate Fuel Systems
Reduce energy costs by using less costly methane or other gas from landfills, digesters, or other sources.

AirSweep water removal system
Removing of surface water from just-washed potato slices and vegetables reduces the energy used for frying or freezing… up to 8% for potato chip fryers.

GentleWash potato slice washing system
Reduce fresh water usage up to 80% over conventional slice washing systems. Our 3-stage Gentle Wash process cleans and reuses wash water. It concentrates starch and fines for more efficient removal and reduces sewer loading and the burden on a starch recovery system.

Sustainable processing is a win-win scenario. Greater production efficiency reduces the environmental impact of processing and cuts the cost-per-pound of finished product.

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