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"With our new fryers throughput has increased, oil life has been extended and oil usage reduced, cleaning is easier ... and product quality is better and more consistent. And the sales and service support for the fryers has been very responsive. Our relationship with Heat and Control has strengthened and will continue to grow."
—Jonathan Arena
Operations Manager, Fishery Products
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Solutions by Industry

Heat and Control provides equipment solutions for processing and packaging of almost any kind food product. We develop and refine the unique processes, and design and manufacture the equipment that is ideally suited to produce the best possible outcome for your label. 
Bakery FoodsBakery Food:  From bagels, donuts, breakfast pastries, fruit-filled pies to cookies and crackers.  More Candy and ConfectionsCandy & Confection:  From hard candy, toffees, gummy candies and licorices, to chocolate bonbons and truffles.  More
cerealCereal:  From toasted "O"s and bran flakes, to granola and children's cereal.  More CheeseCheese:  From diced cheddar and shredded monterey jack to sliced mozzarella and edam.  More
Coffee and TeaCoffee & Tea:  From Arabica beans, Italian Roast, and other blends to black, green, and herbal teas.  More Corn & Tortilla ChipsCorn & Tortilla Chips:  From corn chips to round, wedge and strip-style tortilla chips, flavored or lightly salted.  More
French FriesFrench Fries:  From straight cut, crinkle cut, or curly french fries to potato wedges.  More Fruit & VegetablesFruit & Vegetables:  From bell peppers, apples, tomatoes, onions and carrots to corn, beans and eggplant.  More
Meat, Poultry & SeafoodMeat, Poultry & Seafood:  From finest cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey to salmon and batter-fired shrimp.  More Nut MeatsNut Meats:  From roasted pecans, almonds and cashews to glazed walnuts or chocolate coated peanuts.  More
Other Prepared FoodsOther Prepared Foods:  From onion rings, pizza rolls, taquitos and chicken pot pies, to pot stickers and egg rolls. More PastaPasta:  From whole wheat penne or vermicelli, to capellini, semolina spaghetti or ravioli.  More
Pellet SnacksPellet Snacks:  From pork rinds, sea and rice pellets to other grain-based pellets and collet snacks .  More PharmaceuticalsPharmaceuticals:  Inspection and weighing equipment for tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical products.  More
Plantain & Banana ChipsPlantain & Banana Chips:  Continous fried plantain chips and banana chips.  More Potato ChipsPotato Chips:  From batch or continuous-fried, barbeque or other flavor potato chips, to ridged and fabricated chips. More
SaladsSalads:  From mixtures of Romaine, Iceberg, Butterhead and Leaf lettuces to Radicchio, Spinach and Cabbage.  More Tortilla ProductsTortilla Products:  Baked or fried tortilla products from corn and grain-based flours such as tostadas and taco shells. More
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