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"Our Ishida combination weigher has been in production for over seven years, operating five days a week for at least two shifts per day. During this time, we've spent only $216 in spare parts and never required a single service visit!"
—Ed Lilly
V.P. of Operations at Mister Snacks
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Frequently Asked Question


What's the most cost effective and quickest solution to coordinate individual packaging equipment controls into one integrated controls system?


Heat and Control, Inc. offers full control system packages, tailored to meet your specific needs and designed to take full advantage of proven control logic thatís been tested in actual production FastBack applications.

Our factory-designed packages are fully assembled with logic and controls that meet the toughest safety and operational regulations, and provide the special features that you demand.

Available packages range from relay logic to PLC with push button interface or customized touch screens, and can be stand-alone or integrated using a variety of hardware and software options.

Our controls team provides complete engineering design, manufacturing and installation services.

Whichever package you choose, the choice can be made with the highest confidence that your FastBack system and entire packaging line will operate at peak efficiency and provide the maximum flexibility for production needs.

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