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"Our business has been built on quality and food safety, and that's why the CEIA detectors are an integral part of our company. Heat and Control's installation, start-up, operator training, and post-sale support have also been very good" ..."With the CEIA metal detectors, our security and comfort levels are extremely high. Their reporting features are very important to us and the detectors are simple to operate and have been completely trouble-free."
—Tal Shoshan
C.E.O, Five Star Gourmet Foods Inc.
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Frequently Asked Question


It seems like our immersion fryer's oil lifecycle is too short and that the build-up of fines and long turnover is effecting the quality of our product. How can we address this and reduce the amount of oil our production requires?


Immersion fryers can be hard on oil quality and cleaning budgets. Fryers that require large volumes of oil expose the oil to prolonged heating, infrequent filtration, and long turnover rates. Fines generally remain in the oil long after product has cooked, continuing to carbonize and build up inside the fryer. The result is inferior oil quality, difficult cleaning and less-than-ideal product quality.

By enrobing foods in gentle curtains of oil and then immediately removing the fines, our patented HeatWave® fryer delivers the cleanest operation and best oil quality possible.

HeatWave fries with the lowest oil volume and shortest oil turnover rate of any continuous fryer system! Oil stays cleaner because HeatWave’s unique clean pan design continually removes fines from the fryer. Your products are never exposed to anything but clean oil.

Cooking control is simply astonishing. Oil curtains transfer heat faster than immersion frying, yet maintain the quality of coatings and orientation of products. You can easily adjust the oil curtains for a wide variety of foods and custom frying profiles.

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