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"The Heat and Control engineering team has done an outstanding job in providing quick and accurate answers to any questions we've had about the installation, and they have solved design problems that other vendors have been unable to provide."
—David Mostert
Managing Director, The Pretzel Company,
Cape Town, South Africa
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Equipment Systems List

Processing Equipment

Fryer Systems:
Unitized Vacuum Fryer
Potato Chip Fryers
Corn Products Fryer
Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryer
Breaded Products Fryer
MasterTherm Fryer
Mastermatic Snack Food Fryer
Batch Fryer
Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryer
MasterTherm Kettle Fryer
Mastermatic Batch Fryer
Mastermatic HD Batch Fryer
Pellet Popper Fryer
Fabricated Chip Fryer
Oil Roaster
Mastermatic Nut Roasting System
French Fry Fryer
Plantain Chip Fryer
Taco-Form® Frying System
Tostada Fryer
Universal Product Cooker
Mastermatic Compact Fryer
HeatWave® Fryer
HeatWave® Pellet Snack Fryer
Dynamic Action Fryer®
Fryer Support Module
Chip-Stirr batch potato chip system
-Oil Heating:
KleenHeat® Pollution Control Heat Exchanger
Horizontal Heat Exchanger
Coil Type Heat Exchanger
Steam-to-Oil Heat Exchanger
Thermal Fluid-to-Oil Heating Systems
Booster Heater
Heat exchanger with Combustion Air Pre-Heater
-Oil Filters:
Drum Pre-Filter
KleenSweep® Centrifugal Separation System
Motorized Catch Box
Continuous Belt Filter
Continuous Paper Filter
Mastermatic Canister Filter
-Oil Transfer and Storage:
Oil Make-Up Pump
Oil Transfer Pump
Oil Transfer and Make-Up Pumps
Oil Holding Tanks
-Cooling & Oil Stripping:
Automatic Heated Centrifuge
Continuous De-Oiling Centrifuge
Low-Fat Stripping System
Oil Cooling Module
Ambient Air Cooler
Oven Systems:
Twin Drum Spiral Oven
AirForce® Impingement Oven
MPO Cooking System® (Multi-Purpose Oven)
Spiral Oven
Continuous Steam Cooker
AirForce® Impingement Oven Jr.
Branding / Searing Systems:
Rotary Brander
Direct Flame Searer
Combination Brander/Searer
Batter & Breading Applicators:
SureCoat® Batter Applicator
SureCoat® Breading Applicator
Micro Breader Breading Applicator
SureCoat® Marinade Applicator
French Fry Batter Applicator
Produce Unloading and Handling:
Truck Dumping System
Crate Dumper, Metering Hopper, Vertical Screw Elevator
Truck and Rail Car Hydro-Unloading System
Potato Sizer
Dirt Remover
Crate Filler
Gentle-Flo® Produce Transport & Bin Storage System
Potato Pumping / Debris Removal System
Crate Dumper
Metering Hopper
Vertical Screw Elevator
Peeling / Inspection / Slicing:
VersaPeel® Batch Peeler
Batch Peelers
Continuous Peeler/ Washer
Inspection-Trim Conveyor
Slicer Feeder
Slicer Auger Feeder
Washing & Dewatering:
Potato Slice Pre-Washer
E-FLO™ Electroporation System
Potato Slice Speed Washer
Gentle Wash
Potato Slice Washer Conditioner
Potato Slice Injection Blancher
Air Knife
Air Sweep® Water Removal System
Masa Preparation:
Corn Masa Maker System CMMS
Corn Simmering/Soaking:
Corn Handling and Simmering System
Corn Soak/Transfer Systems
Corn Washer
Corn Washer Module
Corn / Water Separator
Masa Pump
Corn Sheeting/Conditioning/Ovens:
Paragon® Sheeters (with Automatic Weight Control Option)
Tortilla Toaster Oven
Tortilla Toaster Oven (Single-Pass)
Corn Products Conditioner
In-Kitchen Seasoning Systems:
Belt-Type Flavor Dispenser
Roll Salter
Greer Economy Seasoning Applicator
Spray Dynamics Seasoning Systems:
Two-Stage Coating System
Slurry On Demand® Continuous Mixer
Scarf Plate Distributor
Belt Coater
Slurry Spray System
Soft Flight® Coating Drum
Micro-Meter II Airless Belt-Top Liquid Applicator
Micro-Meter I Airless In-Drum Liquid Applicator
Uni-Spense® Dry Ingredient Distributor
Centrifugal Batch Coating System
Side Vented Coating System
MS III Continuous Spray System
Metermaster Salt Applicator
Master Series Tank System
Vibratory Product Feeder
Energy Saving & Pollution Control Systems:
Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger
KleenHeat® Pollution Control Heat Exchanger
Oil Mist Eliminator
Drain Water Cleanup and Starch Recovery Systems
Heat Recovery System
Oil-Water Separator
Other Processing Equipment:
Bagel Boilers
Nugget Former

Packaging & Weighing:

Ishida Multihead Weighers:
Ishida CCW-RV Micro Weigher
Ishida CCW-RVE Series Weighers
Ishida CCW-RV Open Frame Weigher
Ishida CCW-RV Series Waterproof Weighers
Ishida CCW-SE Series Weighers
Ishida Screw Feeder Weigher
Ishida Blending Weigher
Dust Enclosures
Ishida CCW-RS Series Weighers
Ishida CCW-DP Weigher
Ishida Sanitary Standards Weigher
Ishida CCW-R Series Weighers
Ishida Poultry / French Fry Weigher
Ishida Salad / Fresh Produce Weigher
Ishida Snack Bagmakers:
Ishida Atlas® 203 Flexible Snack Food Bagmaker
Ishida Atlas® Snack Food Bagmaker
Ishida Astro Economy Snack Food Bagmaker
Ishida ITPS Snack System
Ishida TSC-RS High Performance In-Line Seal Checker
Ishida Flexible Strip-Pack Applicator
Ishida Portable Strip-Pack Applicator
Ishida INSPIRA Snack Food Bagmaker
Ishida Tray Sealers:
Ishida Rotary Salad Filler
Ishida QX-775 Flex medium Size Tray Sealer
Ishida QX-1100 Dual Lane Tray Sealer
Ishida QX-1100 Large Size Tray Sealer
Ishida QX-1100-SDL Split Dual Lane Tray Sealer
Support Structures:
Support Structures
Sanitary Packaging Platforms
Can and Jar Fillers: Rotary Can Filler
Multi-pocket Fillers: Product Transfer Shuttle
Tray and Carton Fillers: Dual Axis Funnel Follower
Tray and Carton Fillers: Vertical Raceway
Other Packaging Equipment:
Dust Enclosures
Ishida ACP-700 Automated Snack Food Case Packer


Ishida Checkweighers:
Reject Systems
Metal Detection Combo Units
Ishida DACS-CW Series Multi-lane Checkweighers
Ishida DACS-G Series Checkweighers
Ishida DACS-GN Series Checkweighers
CEIA Metal Detectors-Food Products:
CEIA THS/RB-800 Metal Detector for in-line applications
CEIA THS/21E & 21E-3F Metal Detector
CEIA THS/FB Integrated Metal Detection System
CEIA THS/FFV Integrated Metal Detection System
CEIA THS/G21-Series for free-falling products
CEIA THS/MN21 Metal Detector
CEIA THS/PL System for liquid & viscous products
CEIA THS/PLV Integrated Metal Detection System
CEIA THS/21 Standard Metal Detector
CEIA THS/MB Integrated Metal Detection System
CEIA THS/MS21 - World’s only multi-spectrum metal detector
CEIA Metal Detectors-Pharmaceuticals:
CEIA THS/PLV 21 System for Liquid & Viscous products
CEIA THS/FFV 21 System for Large Aperture for Granular and Powder Products
CEIA THS/PH21N-FFV & THS/PH21E-FFV for Granular and Powder Products
CEIA THS/PH21E High Sensitivity Metal Detector
CEIA THS/PH21N Ultra-high Sensitivity Metal Detector
CEIA THS/PH21N-DT & THS/PH21E-DT Dust-tight Metal Detector
CEIA THS/PH21N-WIP & THS/PH21E-WIP Wash-in-place Metal Detector
CEIA THS/PH21N-D25 Tiny Partical Metal Detector
Ishida X-ray Inspection Systems:
Ishida IX-GA Series X-ray Inspection System
Ishida IX-GA-65100 X-ray Inspection System
Ishida IX-GA-DK series Washdown X-ray Inspection System
Ishida IX-G2 Dual Sensor X-ray Inspection System
Ishida IX-GN Series X-ray Inspection System
Ishida IX-EN Series X-ray Inspection System
Ishida IX-GA-B3043 Side Beam System for Bottled Products
Ishida Seal Checkers:
Ishida TSC-RS High Performance In-Line Seal Checker

Product Handling:

Fastback Horizontal Motion Conveyors:
FastBack® 90E Conveyor
FastBack® FastLane Slicer Infeed Conveyor
WeighBack Weigh Conveyor
FastBack® ClimbBack Conveyor
FastBack® 260E G3 Horizontal Motion Conveyor
On-Machine Seasoning Systems:
FastBack® Revolution® On-Machine Seasoning System
Powder on Demand
AccuFlavor™ Tumble Drum
Modular Dust Collection System
FastBack Revolution Proportional Gate:
FastBack® Revolution® Mid-Gate
FastBack® Revolution® Proportional Gate 3.0
FastBack® Left Right Center (LRC) Diverting Weigher Infeed Solution
Incline Transfer Conveyors:
Incline Transfer Conveyors
Product Sizing:
Rotary Chip Sizer
Blending Systems:
FastBack® Blending System
Accumulation Equipment:
Low Profile MinuteMan™ Accumulation Conveyor
MinuteMan™ Accumulation Conveyor
Fastback® Upgrade Accumulation Conveyer
SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyor
Automatic Belt Conveyor
Cascading Conveyors
Varilift Bucket Conveyors:
Varilift® Bucket Conveyor
Flex Lines & Support Structures:
Support Structures
Sanitary Packaging Platforms
Flex Steel Modular Platform

Controls & Information Systems:

Information That Matters®
Relay Logic
Graphic Operator Interface Systems
PLC Systems
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