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"We have always had a strong relationship with Heat and Control, and the problem solving and decision making dialogue we shared throughout the rebuilding process has resulted in virtually no problems whatsoever in our start-up of our lines".
—Nick Coburn
Plant Manager, Wyandot's Marion, OH
"Heat and Control has supported us completely as a good partner in getting the most out of our equipment."
—Jeff Schnack
President, NRE World Bento
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Product Handling Equipment

Accumulation Equipment 

Like a traffic cop at a busy intersection, our accumulation conveyors keep product moving without delay or damage. Heat and Control accumulation systems let your processing line run without interruption, while delivering the steady flow of product your packaging equipment needs for peak efficiency.

We build a variety of accumulators for different foods and storage requirements. Each design prevents product damage, simplifies sanitation and maintenance, and works in harmony with existing equipment. For dry, delicate products, fresh, frozen, and coated foods, Heat and Control accumulation systems reduce waste and downtime.

Enlarge Image SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
SwitchBack Accumulation Conveyor
Built for wet and dry environments, the SwitchBack provides a compact, trouble-free accumulation buffer between processing and packaging. Product breakage is minimized with FastBack horizontal motion technology and sloped pan configuration.  
Enlarge Image Fastback® Upgrade Accumulation Conveyer - see Image Enlargement
Fastback® Upgrade Accumulation Conveyer
FastBack's new Upgrade conveyor improves packaging efficiency by delivering a steady supply of frozen product to weighers and other packaging machinery. Prevents manual bulk-off of product, thawing and product degradation.  
Enlarge Image MinuteMan™ Accumulation Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
MinuteMan™ Accumulation Conveyor
For short-term product storage, our MinuteMan accumulation conveyor features gentle product handling and large capacity. Reliable live-bottom belt and retractable overhead feed conveyor make clean-up easy. Capacities of 90 and 180 cubic feet (2.5 and 5 cubic meters). Product applications include snacks, cookies, crackers, and candy.    See Brochure >>
Enlarge Image Low Profile MinuteMan™ Accumulation Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
Low Profile MinuteMan™ Accumulation Conveyor
With its reduced drop this low profile accumulation conveyor is perfect for short-term storage of fragile snacks and baked products. Softer landings and a sloped discharge belt help reduce product breakage to a minimum.  
Enlarge Image Automatic Belt Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
Automatic Belt Conveyor
This high-capacity version of MinuteMan stores and transfers up to 1,600 cubic feet of snacks, cereal, baked goods, candy, and many other dry goods. Synchronized variable fill and discharge rates combined with gentle product handling make this an efficient buffer between processing and packaging lines.  
Enlarge Image Cascading Conveyors - see Image Enlargement
Cascading Conveyors
Satisfy the fast-changing high-volume product demands of multiple packaging stations. Accumulate large quantities in a series of inline horizontal motion conveyors that can cover long distances using minimal floor space. Then meter a steady flow of product, or quickly move large volumes to your distribution system.  
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