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"We have used a Heat and Control FastBack conveyor for the last 12 years. I have found the FastBack to be very reliable and worry-free. We have used vibratory conveyors in the past, and the FastBack is a great alternative. The FastBack is an excellent choice for fragile products, requires minimal preventive maintenance, and is one of our most dependable pieces of equipment."
—Steve Eiman
Plant Manager, TR Toppers Inc.
"The equipment is working exactly as promised, the conveying systems have reduced finished product waste by 50%, and the bagmaking equipment has reduced our film scrap by nearly 75%. The entire installation and start-up experience was outstanding. Despite the tight deadlines, the project was executed on time and allowed us to meet some very substantial fourth quarter business objectives."
—Glen Flook
C.O.O. at Dale and Thomas
"Heat and Control has supported us completely as a good partner in getting the most out of our equipment."
—Jeff Schnack
President, NRE World Bento
"We have always had a strong relationship with Heat and Control, and the problem solving and decision making dialogue we shared throughout the rebuilding process has resulted in virtually no problems whatsoever in our start-up of our lines".
—Nick Coburn
Plant Manager, Wyandot's Marion, OH
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Product Handling Equipment

Fastback Horizontal Motion Conveyors 

FastBack technology has transformed the product handling market. It provides clean conveying, gentle product movement, ends product segregation, seasoning loss and buildup, and eliminates unscheduled downtime for sanitation. FastBack reliably conveys hard-to-handle products like salads, snacks, fresh chicken, cookies, candies, and many others, all with an energy efficient, versatile, and reusable drive, not to mention a full 5 year drive train warranty.

See video on our new FastBack 260E G3 (next generation) Horizontal Motion Conveyor .
Enlarge Image FastBack® 260E G3 Horizontal Motion Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
FastBack® 260E G3 Horizontal Motion Conveyor
The FastBack 260E-G3 provides the fastest product travel rate of any horizontal motion conveyor, delivering twice the rate of comparable conveyors and making it ideal for high-volume production.  
Enlarge Image FastBack® 90E Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
FastBack® 90E Conveyor
The compact FastBack 90E horizontal motion conveyor improves product transfer from distribution conveyors to high-speed multihead weighers for maximum packaging efficiency. Its small footprint is ideal for providing the most access around the weigher.  
Enlarge Image FastBack® FastLane Slicer Infeed Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
FastBack® FastLane Slicer Infeed Conveyor
The space-saving FastLane combines the gentle horizontal motion of the FastBack Model 260E-G3 with a multi-lane pan that singulates product for delivery into multiple rotary slicers. This ensures that only available slicers receive successive product while unavailable slicers remain unfed.  
Enlarge Image WeighBack Weigh Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
WeighBack Weigh Conveyor
Clean, accurate alternative to troublesome weigh belts. Load cells provide stable mass flow data to drive processing or packaging equipment. One user-friendly touch screen simplifies operation, offering a variety of control and data reporting functions.  
Enlarge Image FastBack® ClimbBack Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
FastBack® ClimbBack Conveyor
Horizontal motion-convey foods up inclines of 8-degrees for space-saving placement of distribution conveyors. New FastBack ClimbBack conveyors provide a sanitary alternative to traditional belt conveyors.
See video.  
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