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"Our Ishida combination weigher has been in production for over seven years, operating five days a week for at least two shifts per day. During this time, we've spent only $216 in spare parts and never required a single service visit!"
—Ed Lilly
V.P. of Operations at Mister Snacks
"We have used an Ishida 16-head scale for the past 12 years. We do a complete washdown every night and have found the Ishida to be very reliable. I would definitely recommend Ishida scales."
—Steve Eiman
Plant Manager, TR Toppers Inc.
"We selected an Ishida because of the way it was built and it has not let us down. It's rugged, dependable, easy to clean, and handles all our products accurately and efficiently, from trail mixes to dried fruits."
—Mark Wroblewski
Operations Manager, Mister Snacks
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Fruit and Vegetable

Ishida Multihead Weighers 

Enlarge Image Ishida Screw Feeder Weigher - see Image Enlargement
Ishida Screw Feeder Weigher
Quickly and accurately weigh fresh meat, poultry, seafood, dried fruit and other moist, sticky products using the screw feeder multihead weigher from Ishida and Heat and Control. Plastic product hoppers with scraper gates prevent product sticking and the build-up of product residue.  
Enlarge Image Ishida CCW-SE Series Weighers - see Image Enlargement
Ishida CCW-SE Series Weighers
Ishida's entry-level CCW-SE weigher is pre-configured to perform basic weighing functions while delivering unbeatable accuracy and reliability. Featuring simplified controls and an easy-to-clean design, CCW-SE weighers offer an affordable solution for achieving years of dependable performance.  
Enlarge Image Ishida Salad / Fresh Produce Weigher - see Image Enlargement
Ishida Salad / Fresh Produce Weigher
For fresh cut salads, fruits, and vegetables, Ishida delivers fast, sanitary weighing and unbeatable accuracy. Unique features prevent product sticking and simplify cleaning. For wet leafy greens, the optional Rotary Sweeper eliminates manual product distribution and improves weigher efficiency.  
Enlarge Image Ishida Blending Weigher - see Image Enlargement
Ishida Blending Weigher
Mixing the components of a blended product on an Ishida weigher reduces customer complaints by ensuring that the right blend proportion goes into every package.  
Enlarge Image Washracks - see Image Enlargement
A Heat and Control washrack for your Ishida weigher’s hoppers, troughs, dispersion table and discharge chutes can simplify cleaning procedures and reduce cleaning time and costs.  
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