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"Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations ...In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!"
—Mike Schena
President and COO,
Better Made Snack Foods
"The Heat and Control engineering team has done an outstanding job in providing quick and accurate answers to any questions we've had about the installation, and they have solved design problems that other vendors have been unable to provide."
—David Mostert
Managing Director, The Pretzel Company,
Cape Town, South Africa
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Food Processing Equipment

Peeling / Inspection / Slicing 

Enlarge Image VersaPeel® Batch Peeler - see Image Enlargement
VersaPeel® Batch Peeler
VersaPeel's patented 3-stage peeling process drastically reduces peel loss, producing higher yields of finished potatoes with polished surfaces and no flat spots.  
Enlarge Image Batch Peelers - see Image Enlargement
Batch Peelers
Get excellent peeling control and high yields of potatoes. Batch size and dwell time are programmable. Multi-stage Batch Peelers deliver polished peeled potatoes to reduce peel loss and cleaning requirements of your fryer.  
Enlarge Image Continuous Peeler/ Washer - see Image Enlargement
Continuous Peeler/ Washer
Continuously peel and clean potatoes and other root crops. Abrasive rollers quickly remove peeling while a water spray rinses away peels and debris. Internal auger controls dwell time for accurate yield control.  
Enlarge Image Inspection-Trim Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
Inspection-Trim Conveyor
PVC rollers gently tumble potatoes and other produce for full visual inspection and easy access. Available with trimming removal conveyors and elevated platforms to fit any plant layout.  
Enlarge Image Slicer Feeder - see Image Enlargement
Slicer Feeder
Provides a continuous and uniform flow of potatoes to the slicer for maximum slicing efficiency and less waste.  
Enlarge Image Slicer Auger Feeder - see Image Enlargement
Slicer Auger Feeder
Improves potato slicing quality and reduces scrap generation by feeding potatoes single-file into slicers.  
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