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"Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations ...In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!"
—Mike Schena
President and COO,
Better Made Snack Foods
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Case History

Wyandot Rebuilds with FastBack Horizontal Motion Conveyors


Wyandot's of Marion, OH had started rebuilding their 70,000 square foot manufacturing area that had burned to the ground only a few weeks before. They needed to re-equip their processing and packaging area and saw it as an opportunity to increase efficency both in equipment design and in a more centralized, flexible layout. Also the loss of coating/seasoning and product breakage had previously been cutting into their bottom line.


Visiting Heat and Control’s booth to finalize orders for 28 replacement Ishida weighers, Wyandot was intrigued by the horizontal motion of the FastBack conveyor on display and how smoothly it moved product.

Wyandot decided to trial the equipment at their Jeffersonville, IN plant, running cheese-seasoned popcorn, caramel corn, corn chips, fried and baked potato and tortilla chips, and extruded corn snacks. A month after the tests began, the decision was made to change from vibratory to FastBack conveyors because of their versatility and gentle handling features.


“With the new system, product breakage has been reduced 40% to 50%,” Plant Manager Nick Coburn reported. “Seasoning loss has been reduced 70%,” he added, emphasizing the cost savings they’ve realized from not having to overcompensate for coatings that previously had been lost. It's also a lot quieter. "When our 117 conveyors are running full with product, the decibel rating is so low that we may no longer require hearing protection in this area!”

Rebuilding the packaging area presented the additional opportunity for a more centralized processing and packaging layout. Whereas the old system limited efficiency by dedicating a particular product to a certain packaging machine, the new layout and system controls designed and provided by Heat and Control offered the flexibility to direct any product to one of many weighing/bagging stations.

“The system layout and controls are the result of a strong team effort,” says Coburn. “We have always had a strong relationship with Heat and Control, and the problem solving and decision making dialogue we shared throughout the rebuilding process has resulted in virtually no problems whatsoever in our start-up of the lines.”

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Credit: Snack Food & Wholsale Bakery, May 2000
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