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At Auspack 2019, Heat and Control will be showcasing our innovative single source processing and packaging solutions for the food industry. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with us at the show, or to contact us about your food processing and packaging needs, please complete the contact form on this page and a member of our team will be in contact.


FastBack, Spray Dynamics, Ishida, Ceia


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Equipment you can expect to see at the show:

What you'll see at the show:
Inspection Seasoning + Coating Processing Retail Scales & Equipment TopInspection Seasoning + Coating Processing Retail Scales & Equipment


Quality Control & Inspection Systems

Ensuring the highest level of food safety and product quality is critical to the success of your brand. Heat and Controls' complete inspection solutions include CEIA metal detectors, Ishida X-ray machines and seal checkers, which can detect foreign objects while operating efficiently at high speeds to reduce false reject signals, product waste and raise safety standards.


Ishida & CEIA Inspection Equipment

Checkweigher and Metal Detector Combo

Seasoning + Coating

Product Handling & Seasoning Systems
Our product handling equipment includes product transfer systems, horizontal motion conveyors, accumulation systems, chip sizers, and on-line seasoning systems that provide a selection of dependable and economical equipment.


Spray Dynamics and FastBack

Seasoning Systems

FastBack 260E-G3 Horizontal Motion Conveyor
The G3 gently transports product by cycling through slow-forward and fast-back horizontal motion, which neither damages product nor disturbs coatings, and can dependably convey heavy loads.



Snack Food Processing

Snack Food
Most of the world's potato chips are produced with Heat and Control equipment. Every machine features innovative technology developed through years of experience in delivering snack food systems around the world. Built for decades of reliable operation and low lifecycle costs, Heat and Control systems consistently deliver unique quality for every snack brand.


Prepared Foods Processing

Prepared Foods
Heat and Control can build a complete line of equipment for prepared foods manufacturers, including coating, frying, cooking, searing and grill marking. Our single source solutions can assist food operators to achieve higher capacities, lower production costs and superior product quality in all their ready meal menus.


Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Urschel is a leading supplier of size reduction technology for the food industry, for slicing, dicing, milling, shredding or puree's. Their innovative research and development in cutting methods for fruits, vegetables, ready meals, salads, nut butters and more has seen increases in productivity through efficiencies more precise cuts.

Retail Scales & Equipment

Ishida Commercial Products (ICP)

ICP are producers of high quality scales, weigh wrapping and weigh, price, labelling equipment in Australia for the retail food industry including supermarkets, greengrocers, fruit & vegetable growers, butchers, fishmongers, fresh product wholesalers, delicatessens and bakeries.

Ishida scales are of the highest sensitivity and quality conforming to National Measurement Institute NMI (Aust.) standards.

Ishida Scales

Ishida Commercial Products

Why Choose Heat and Control?

Heat and Control is one of the world's leading manufacturers of food processing, seasoning, coating, handling, packaging, and inspection equipment.


Global manufacturing footprint of more than 78,100 m2 (840,900 ft2)–the world's widest selection of food production machinery


More than 67 years of experience and expertise in project management, installation, and commissioning


Consistent results with the highest operational and safety standards

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