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Application Story: Azuma Foods

X-ray inspection assures safety at Azuma Foods

Azuma Foods logoAzuma Foods, an international supplier of quality frozen seafood, has expanded its commitment to product safety by installing Ishida X-ray Inspection Systems that detect and reject packages containing harmful contaminants.

Ishida logoWith the ability to safely identify shell, bone and stone fragments that naturally occur in their products, as well as foreign materials such as metal and glass, the Ishida X-ray equipment is preventing distribution of contaminated products to retailers.

According to Takashi Miyamoto, Factory Manager at the Azuma Foods (Canada) Inc. processing plant in Richmond, British Columbia, "More and more international customers are urging or requiring use of such a system in food processing establishments. We investigated X-ray technology and are now using it to help produce an even safer product."

X-ray inspection assures safety at Azuma Foods

Ishida X-ray system rejects product containing stone, shell, glass, metals and other contaminants.
Azuma's facility in Japan was already using Ishida X-ray equipment, but to confirm this preference for their plant in Canada, the company initiated comparisons with systems from two other manufacturers. After a field trial in production conditions, Azuma chose Ishida.

"The compact size of Ishida's unit, its ability to consistently detect very small pieces of foreign material, and the customer service from Heat and Control were the main points in our decision," explains Miyamoto.

X-ray inspection as part of your quality control program can reduce operating costs and prevent contamination problems before they become a costly liability. For more information about Ishida X-ray systems, contact Heat and Control.

*This story first appeared in Heat and Control's innovator magazine, issue 26.

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