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"The equipment is working exactly as promised, the conveying systems have reduced finished product waste by 50%, and the bagmaking equipment has reduced our film scrap by nearly 75%. The entire installation and start-up experience was outstanding. Despite the tight deadlines, the project was executed on time and allowed us to meet some very substantial fourth quarter business objectives."
—Glen Flook
C.O.O. at Dale and Thomas
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Application Stories

Application stories of Heat and Control technology and know-how!

Award-Winning Bakery and Heat and Control Help Gluten Intolerant Customers Fall in Love with Bread Again
Local Oven Local Oven™ makes gluten-free baked goods that have excellent texture, rich flavors, and traditional bread product taste. Local Oven also offers other alternatives to traditional wheat-based products, including gluten-free pasta imported directly from Italy, and specializes in supplying products to the restaurant industry, industrial gluten-free manufacturers, and gluten-free wholesale distributors.   Read More
Brimhall Foods grows with flexibility and customer service
Brim's Snack Foods logo Starting out as a one truck direct store delivery service in 1979, Brimhall Foods has grown into a manufacturer and distributor of a wide selection of Brim's brand and private label snacks. From its 77,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Bartlett, TN, the company produces pork rinds, cracklins, cheese puffs and curls, extruded onion rings, and numerous flavors of popcorn and corn pops.   Read More
US BIOLOGIC targets mice with vaccine-coated snacks to prevent transmission of Lyme disease
US BIOLOGIC logo The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) states that "more than 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases in humans are spread from animals." Every year in the United States, over 300,000 people acquire Lyme disease from tick bites.   Read More
Kar's Nuts boosts sales & customer service with new conveyors
Kar's Nuts Logo Kar's Nuts has a simple formula for success: Consistent quality nut and trail mix products with an emphasis on customer service. That philosophy has helped the 80-year-old Madison Heights, MI manufacturer achieve ten years of steady growth in all 50 states, and now internationally...   Read More
Tastee Choice blends fresh ingredients for sucess
Tastee Choice blends fresh ingredients for sucess The humble shrimp has been the mainstay of the Choice Canning Company for over 50 years. Already a leading supplier of shrimp in North America, the company expanded into the ready-to-cook meal market in 2006. It now produces twelve IQF skillet meals...   Read More
Festida Foods making good on their promise
Festida Foods logo ...Success produced a challenging flip-side for Festida Foods. Soaring sales were squeezing Festida out of its original plant in Cedar Springs, MI. "We needed space desperately," recalled president Kyle Curtiss. "For over a year, we were working six days a week and 24 hours a day. In this economy, that's a blessing, but with it we needed to make some changes".   Read More
Cape Cod Potato Chip’s small-batch fryers deliver big output in limited space
Cape Cod Potato Chips Logo Imagine the conundrum facing plant manager, Jeff Newell, when the company decided it needed to significantly boost production capacity to keep up with demand. How do you squeeze higher output from the same floor space used since 1980, without changing the quality of a winning product or ruining the charm of a popular tourist destination?   Read More
Pretzels, Inc. conveys quality in many flavors!
Pretzels Inc. Logo Here's a fun fact about Pretzels, Inc.: As one of the largest private label pretzel makers in North America, the company makes more varieties than you can shake a pretzel stick at: twists, minis, rods, balls, rings, and ultra-thins, to name a few. But the Bluffton, Indiana based company also makes lots of extruded and baked corn-cheese snacks...   Read More
Satisfying demand for healthy snacks with new seasoning & packaging lines
Inventure Foods logo Booming sales of kettle style potato chips has motivated many snack processors to aggressively upgrade their production facilities to keep up with demand for the crunchy hard-bite snack.   Read More
2011 Packaging Line of the Year: Produce-ing a Premier Line
(Packaging Machinery Technology magazine - December 2011)
Florida Specialies Logo In September 2009, Myles Strohl decided the retired life, while nice, did not provide quite enough stimulation. He entered the produce business and bought Florida Specialties—a successful grower and bulk shipper of various vegetable products including beans, squash and eggplant.   Read More
C.J. Vitner boosts productivity 20% with new Ishida bagmakers!
Vitner's logo Packaging over 2.5 million bags of snacks every week, C.J. Vitner Co. planned to increase efficiency of its busy packaging lines by replacing some of its older model bagmakers.   Read More
Stauffer Biscuit's Christmas conveyor challenge
Stauffers Bisquit logo Stauffer Biscuit of York, PA had several good reasons for ordering 66 FastBacks to replace their old product conveyors. But it wasn't until a truck delivering eight conveyors crashed during the Christmas holiday installation that the company realized the value of Heat and Control's resources and commitment to react quickly to customer problems.   Read More
Petfood safety is paramount at SmartPak
SmartPak logo "We view ourselves as a health care company for animals," says Dodd Corby, Vice President of Operations at SmartPak in Plymouth, MA. "We need to provide a very high level of quality control for our products, equal to human foods, so metal detection has become an important part of our quality control plan."   Read More
Better breader belt life boosts productivity at Brakebush Brothers
Brakebush Brothers logo Conveyor belts take a beating on hard-working breading applicators. Constructed of thin wire and subjected to long hours of operation, multiple turns, varying loads, and high stresses, these conveyor belts traditionally have a short lifespan.   Read More
CEIA metal detectors pass the Five Star test!
Five Star Gourmet Foods logo Five Star Gourmet Foods, produces and co-packs so many different food products it could fill a restaurant menu: Frozen entrees, pizza products, custom sauces and marinades, handheld snack foods, savory stuffed pockets, and frozen sandwiches are just a few of its products produced and private labeled for many retailers nationwide.   Read More
Single source service simplifies crouton packaging!
MeMeMe, Inc. Marcys Gourmet logo MeMeMe, Inc. needed to increase production. Supermarkets and food service operators across Canada were increasing orders for its Marcy's and private label brands of premium croutons and stuffings. But how could the company handle a major expansion that called for integrating equipment from different suppliers?...   Read More
Pattie packaging is no puzzle for Lopez Foods
Lopez Foods logo Very fragile product, and extreme space limitations where inches of access would determine the success of sanitation, maintenance and production functions, raised many concerns when Lopez Foods decided to expand packaging capabilities at their Oklahoma City, OK plant.   Read More
Dale and Thomas profits with new popcorn packaging line!
Dale and Thomas logo Sales are "popping" at Dale and Thomas, so the gourmet popcorn manufacturer has moved to a new 110,000 sq. ft. facility in Englewood, NJ and installed new Heat and Control product handling, inspection and packaging systems to expand production capacity.   Read More
X-ray inspection assures safety at Azuma Foods
Azuma Foods logo Azuma Foods, an international supplier of quality frozen seafood, has expanded its commitment to product safety by installing Ishida X-ray Inspection Systems that detect and reject packages containing harmful contaminants.   Read More
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