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"In today's work environment companies make many promises. A great deal of promises are made, but most have a difficult time keeping those promises. Heat and Control is not one of those companies. ...It is quite refreshing to know that you will get what was promised, when it was promised. That is how I run my business, and what I expect from the people who supply me. Delivered as promised, no surprises, you cannot ask for more!"
—Philip Gusmano,
Vice-President, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.
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What We Do

Food Processing and Packaging Systems

Modular design and construction significantly reduce the time and cost of on-site installations
Modular design and construction significantly reduce the time and cost of on-site installations
A broad range of products and decades of experience give Heat and Control the unique capability within our industry to supply a single piece of machinery for a line, or integrate several components into a complete system and assume single source responsibility.

Process Prepared Systems

Our fryers, ovens, branders, searers, and breading/batter applicators equip processors with the control they need to prepare and cook consistently superior meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and baked goods. We offer the latest technology in thermal processing, as well as value-added systems that coat, brand, or sear your product to create a distinctive quality that stands out in the market place. Heat and Control's product line ranges from low-volume pilot plant and lab equipment to dedicated lines producing thousands of pounds of finished product per hour.

Snack Systems

From raw to packaged product, Heat and Control's complete systems produce high quality natural potato chips, corn and tortilla chips, and other snacks, plus taco shells, corn tortillas, and tostadas. Our snack processing and packaging machinery leads the industry in technology and innovation. Our capabilities extend to nut roasting and oil glazing systems, as well as batch fryers and other lower-capacity equipment.

French Fry Systems

Heat and Control french fry and formed potato products frying systems are the workhorses of the industry. Our fryers, heat exchangers, oil filtration, pumping and control systems can produce up to 50,000 pounds per hour of finished product.

Combine our advanced batter applicators with our two-stage frying technology to achieve true world class performance. We offer raw potato handling, storage and preparation equipment including truck and rail car unloading systems, and can also equip your entire packaging room.

Packaging Systems

Our packaging lines feature accurate and reliable Ishida weighers, snack bagmakers and tray sealers, with models to suit any production requirement. The combination weighers dependably fill bags, pouches, cans, jars, cartons, cases and trays with a wide variety of fresh, processed and frozen foods.

Product Handling Systems

Featuring FastBack® horizontal motion conveyors, we build a wide range of vibratory, bucket and belt conveyors, distribution gates, container fillers, and support platforms to create the most reliable and efficient system to move your products.

Inspection Systems

Individually or as integrated systems, Ishida checkweighers and X-ray detection systems, and CEIA metal detectors provide optimal product inspection and reject capabilities. Ishida accurately verifies package weight or content count, while CEIA detects all metal contaminants in most any product.

Control and Information Systems

We design and build the controls that automate our food processing and packaging lines to insure consistent product quality, achieve maximum operating efficiency, and increase customer profits. With our ITM (Information That Matters) manufacturing information platform we can provide production line data and actionable reports directly to your office computer, laptop or mobile phone. Our control and information systems keep normal production elements constant, monitoring and reporting production data that simplify important management functions and decision making.

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